The Long Tail (revisited)

Hunterdon County Freeholders' Meeting Room Photo by Bill Brokaw

Stuff we do today will reverberate in our future.

Back in 2004 Chris Anderson coined the phrase, The Long Tail, to describe how some products sell in small quantities over a long, long time outdoing big sellers that come and go. Like many business concepts, this one entered my brain, fermented, digested and morphed into a completely different interpretation from what it really means.  (That’s OK, it’s my brain.)

I like to think of the long tail as a long term effect of things I do now, for better or worse. (ideally for better!)

Nothing ever quite goes away especially if you keep it active by feeding it over time.  The photo above is a shot of Hunterdon County Administrator, Kevin Davis hanging one of my photos in the freeholders’ meeting room.   This is a photo of one of the last covered bridges in NJ, located in Sergeantsville, Hunterdon County.   The shot was originally commissioned back in 2011, as a cover shot for the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Directory.  Six years later it emerges again.

So what I try to keep in mind is “What am I doing today?”

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