Did you ever feel like someone was looking into your head and determining what you think?

Last year I heard about a campaign bus tour that was scheduling a stop in Hazelton PA. I thought it would be interesting to take a road trip to get some shots. It was a lovely, cold, rainy day but that didn’t matter, my pocket camera is waterproof and I have a raincoat.

There was a small crowd gathered on the corner when the bus rolled in, escorted by two ominous-looking black SUVs. I didn’t know who was inside the bus, maybe a Trump. I figured that might be worth as shot.

The crowd pressed in as the roadies set up a sound system and I wriggled my way upfront. As I broke through the front of the crowd and was met by this serious gentleman sizing me up. His eyes bore into me and I could tell he was quickly calculating if I was a threat. At this point I don’t think he had decided.

So I took aim and fired. I am glad he didn’t fire back.

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