When Maggie and Thrump Kithpepper decided to open an ice cream stand in Culthton NY to sell their ice cream directly to the public they had no idea how popular it would be.

People lined up for scoops every single night throughout the year, especially when there were events at the schools, Little League games, Pop Warner tournaments and all those other community events that require going out for ice cream afterwards.

Maggie and Thrump had no problem making plenty of ice cream in their 540 acres factory but dispensing tiny little scoops just didn’t cut it.

That’s when they built Chip, the robot. Chip can dispense five gallon scoops of ice cream at a time. Of course this presented a different dilemma. They packed their ice cream in five gallon tubs and Clive’s scoop wouldn’t fit.

To solve that issue they teamed up with local stone quarry to share their trucks.

Typically stone deliveries are made in the morning and the trucks are back by 3:00 when the quarry closes for the day. Coincidentally, Maggie and Thrump open at 3:00.

So after getting back to the quarry and changing drivers, the trucks head over to the factory to fill up with ice cream. They then park under Chip who easily scoops out giant servings for all the customers. Except for a bit of gravel here and there this arrangement has worked out great. They usually go through 7 or 8 truckloads a night.

Not that there haven’t been a few hiccups. In the winter some of the trucks are used to spread salt. Salty ice cream doesn’t last and there have been incidents of cream covered highways (salty cream) resulting in a shitload of sticky cars.

Occasionally there are accidents, like when a truck flipped over on Rt 905. Fortunately EMS was prepared with thousands of spoons.

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