Joy of Photography

The world population is now at about 7.5 billion and I’m guessing about 7.4 billion of us like to take pictures.

It’s just a rough guess but rarely have I met anyone who doesn’t take at least a little pleasure in snapping a photo of something interesting and then seeing how it comes out.

Subjects range from pets & family to surreal settings but the feeling is universal (it’s kinda fun).

My hunch is that it’s neurological. Taking a photo must trigger a release of dope-a-lope or photolamine or chocolate syrup in our brains. It’s gotta be one of those feel-good hormones, for sure.

Now that we have digital cameras for instant viewing and social media for instant sharing, it’s even more fun. I think I even use my phone more for taking photos than making calls (I just upgraded and am pretty sure it still makes calls).

So have some fun. Go out and take some pictures.

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