Bowing and Grumman have collaborated on designing and building the largest passenger plane ever imagined, carrying up to 1000 people. It will employ revolutionary reverse quantum vacuum engines that run entirely on theory. With this design the engines pull the plane forward without fuel and use conventional airfoil principles to provide lift.

The designs are secret and the companies are not releasing any information but a photo of the cockpit was recently leaked showing that operating this massive plane will require six pilots.

The technology was first developed back in the 1960s but the blueprints were inadvertently used by the inventor’s kids for making paper hats and kites. He did not know this and assumed they were lost or stolen. Despondent, he quit his job as an engineer and became a beet farmer.

Blueprint paper was very durable back then and one of the kites was discovered recently stuck in the top of a tulip tree. Production is underway.

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