Google doesn’t let us know when the Google Street car will be cruising our neighborhoods updating its Street View photos. It also doesn’t try to be inconspicuous when it is out cruising.

It’s not hard to guess what this car with a camera on top is doing. When I looked out my studio window one day and saw the car driving down Bridge Street, I rushed out to chase it (pocket camera in hand). The driver had stopped for some takeout down the street, so I was able to catch up.

I was getting some photos of the car when the driver came back. I asked to take her picture with the car but she politely declined. As she got back into her car I asked where she was headed and she gave me directions.

I bolted ahead so I could get a photo of the car as it passed. Good timing. I got my shot of the car.

Google Street View car cruising down Harrison Street

Seconds later, the car got a shot of me. I’ve been digitally immortalized (until Google ditches Street View).


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