As we age things slow down. Sometimes way down. It’s not healthy.

Common advice is to eat plenty of fiber and exercise, but in this age of dawning enlightenment we know we can take this further and franchises are emerging that can train us to make our morning constitution a spiritual practice.

Zen monks talk about spending time on the cushion where they may sit for hours not thinking. The founders of Mindful Movement realized many of us were also sitting for long periods but were probably scrolling our cell phones rather than meditating. They knew that this time could be better spent seeking enlightenment.

Mindful Movement monks provide gently effective guidance and always remind us to not push.

MM assshrims have opened up across the country and almost everyone of them has a waiting list. They aren’t cheap either, clocking in at $500 per month along with a $1000 initiation fee. They justify that this cost is necessary to cover the extensive plumbing in each facility and that people seldom need more than a month or two to master mindful movements.

If this really catches on it could have a positive impact on society. We can all stand to be more mindful and regular.

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