First Light

When we collaborate, we grow.

Naturally, there is collaboration between our businesses and our clients, as well as between ourselves and our suppliers.  Collaboration between peers also has its rewards.  We may not want to give our competition a boost or lose our edge but there are ways to collaborate where we all come out ahead.

My schtick is organizing and producing photo projects with other photographers.  My latest collaborative project, Summer on the Delaware, will be on display in my studio on Sunday, September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend).  The image above is the first sunrise of summer 2017 on the Delaware River and was created to kickoff the project.

The Summer on the Delaware project is a collaboration among 29 photographers who are showing their work, New Hope Photo and Video (http://newhopephoto.com/) that  is generating all the prints for the show, the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association  and Brokaw Photography.

The exhibition of the photos created by all the photographers is timed to coincide with Frenchtown’s Riverfest Celebration, the town largest and most fun event of the year.  (Visit its Facebook page for more info, https://www.facebook.com/frenchtownriverfest2016/ .)  The intent is both to enhance the Riverfest Celebration and to benefit from the crowds it draws.  New Hope Photo gets to show off its printing quality and the photographers all enjoy the opportunity to showcase their work.  Personally, I love working with everyone and opening my studio to the public.

The beauty of this project is that it is all heart.  Everyone is in it for the joy of doing it and working with each other.  No one is making a killing but instead we all know that when we work together like this we all benefit and grow.

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