Frenchtown enjoyed two simultaneous events Labor Day Weekend that perfectly exemplified the envision-plan-implement process.

A local art and performance venue, Art Yard, provided a street parade of colorfully dressed bird people, while the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association held its Riverfest event, celebrating the town, the arts and the river.  Both were a vision of the organizers who planned and implemented their events flawlessly and with joy exhibiting the perfect model for any business.   Think it, plan it, do it!

It was delightful and inspiring to see the ecology flags lining the street and waving in the breeze.  It inspired a vision for me.  I wanted to emulate the glorious, flag-waving scene from Les Mis, palnned out what I wanted to do and struck out to find my photo.  I wrangled Mike Tyksinski, the coordinator of Riverfest into being my subject, and we took over the street to create the image. Mike was the perfect subject and waved the flag with gusto.

It is always so satisfying to see a vision implemented, whether it’s a photo, an event or an entire business.  It keeps us going with enthusiasm.  A couple more photos photos below.



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