Just by it’s nature, showing up on Google is good advertising. This is especially true when people are specifically looking for you and not just browsing a generic term.

Just search Brokaw Photography and my business appears on the first page with tons of other links to articles, posts and other information about my business and activities. On the right side of the search page is the “Knowledge Panel” with photos, a map, reviews, etc. We have all seen this.

You are able to modify and enhance the information in the Knowledge Panel by logging into Google My Business. The link is: https://www.google.com/business/. This will take you to dashboard and is where you can insert ads by writing posts.

When you write a post is shows up right on the Knowledge Panel for all to see. If you Google “Brokaw Photography” you will see the results of the post I created about business videos.


It is up to you what you write in your post.  Ideally your posts are interesting, informative and prompt viewers to take action.  Only the two latest posts show up at a time along with arrows that allows viewers to scroll through your posts.

I find this exciting and useful. There are no silver bullets for promoting your business and every little thing we do helps. It is especially helpful when it is free.

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