Brokaw Photography is pleased to offer a series of thoroughly enjoyable Saturday morning beginner to advanced photo workshops at its studio in Frenchtown NJ,  plus an exciting B&W street photography excursion to New York City. Scroll to bottom to register.


October 21 – 9:00 to Noon  – DIGITAL BASICS $69
Learn how your camera works and the simple techniques for getting the most out of it. Bring your camera for one-on-one instructions.  Also includes best practices for managing your photos after the shoot.


October 28 – 9:00 to Noon – SECRETS OF COMPOSITION $69
What makes a great photo?  Learn composition secrets that will vastly improve your photos and make your photography more enjoyable.  Examine how the masters composed their images and how you can incorporate these techniques. in your own work.


November 4 – 9:00 to Noon  – SEEING THE LIGHT  $69
We all know that light is the basis of photography, but do you know its character, quirks and personality?  Good use of light can make or break your photo.  Come for an in-depth examination of light relative to photography. We will also cover use of both on camera and off camera flash to enhance or supplement existing light.


November 11 & 12 – 

This is an exciting, two-day, black and white film immersion workshop that includes class room instruction, a trip to NYC for our photography and then a day in the darkroom creating real, photographic prints of your photos.

It starts Saturday morning at Brokaw Photography with an overview of black and white photography and how to approach it.  We then board a bus to Time Square to exercise our vision and have a blast doing it.  There is nothing more fun than street photography in New York City.

The next day we are back at Brokaw Photography to work in the darkroom developing our film and making prints.

The workshop fee includes film, paper, darkroom chemicals, round-trip bus fare to NY and lunch  (maybe even a beer or a glass of wine after we get back, too!)

This photo excursion is limited to four (4) students only (first come / first serve!)

Film cameras are available for your use or bring your own.

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all workshops. Payment can be made via Paypal or credit card by clicking below.  If you would rather pay by check or would like more information please email me.


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