Is it “showroom,”  “show room,” or “show showroom?”

In this case I think I’ll settle on “show showroom.”  Photography of interiors is all about showing rooms.  In this case, it’s a showroom for a contractor.  Showrooms always make for great photos as they are designed to be seen.  Of course, interior photos are not by any means limited to showrooms.  Good photos are excellent anytime you want to express what it feels like to be in a space.  It may be your office, a store, a restaurant or a factory floor.

Typically interiors are shot using a wide angle lens to include as much of the space as possible. Stitched panoramas are another great method to illustrate internal spaces.  Stitching means to combine two or more photos to create a single image.  The key is how the photos are taken.  Everything has to be one just right of the photos won’t line up properly.  Below is an example of the same showroom as a stitched 360 degree panorama.  When viewed on Google or Facebook, a users can actually scroll around and view the entire space.


It’s always about engaging the viewer.

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