There’s a face there. A happy face. It reminds me of a 1930’s cartoon. I almost expect it to start whistling.

It’s fun to see faces. We are human, we’re face-oriented. Faces are probably the first things we actually focus on. Check out a baby looking at a face she knows (mom!). It makes her happy. We often see faces in patterns like bark, clouds, potato chips and sometimes buildings. Some people see the Madonna.

I used to do a lot of 360 virtual tours for Google and they have a policy of blurring out people’s face in their 360 photos (check out people on Street View). It has an automated process. Anything that looks like a face gets flagged until corrected. Thousands of other Google photographers, like me, would spend time correcting or confirming their face recognition on our photos before publication.

I think Google was using us to train their AI system. (It was!)

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