There was a time when he was rugged and strong and as a North Sea fishing boat captain. He’d gladly be attached to nets or lobster traps to mark their location and assure the catch. It was a worthy life and he knew his worth. But as the seas got warmer and industrial fishing became greedier, the fish and lobster became scarcer and scarcer and fishing became a zero sum enterprise. The corporations scoured the sea usurping everything. Fishing was no longer noble, just a way to maximize quarterly returns.

The fleets of small boats were driven from the ocean.

His fishing boat was rotting in the harbour when he was spotted by two very, avant garde designers who plucked him from the boat and took him back to the city to serve as a window decoration.

They were quite please with their “oh-so-hip” display, while our once noble buoy could only languish and dream that a new generation captain will someday come pluck him from the window and throw him back into the sea.

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