Andrew takes his job seriously. He has worn out countless shoes pacing back and forth in front the the portal door, guarding it like he did guard duty during his days in the Army. Back then he was armed with an M16. These days he carries a finger buzzer.

While it sounds benign and perhaps a bit silly, Andrew’s finger buzzer is a weapon to be respected.

It draws it power from the portal behind the door. If threaten, Andrew can activate the buzzer and control its effect.

For merely annoying disturbances he can activated at it’s lowest setting. The annoying person, worm, can of Sprite or in-law is zapped back five minutes in time. This shocks and disorients them an usually they wander, roll or wriggle their way off and the annoyance is gone.

For more serious threats, like a bulldozer charging at him at 80 mph firing rockets and wads of dirt, Andrew can really buzz it, entirely vaporizing the threat and turning it into millions of down feathers that simply blow away.

Andrew plans to retire next month. He says he won’t mind saving on shoes but will miss his buzzer.

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