How often do we drive by junk shops (often called antique stores), sometimes for years, without every really looking at them? It’s easy to look past them. They often offer a general mish-mash of items that blend into an amalgamation of stuff creating an old stuff conglomerate.

Of course there is always a collector behind that stuff. Someone who discovered, bought, found, received, inherited or stole each piece hoping to unloaded it.

Meet Boyden. This is his attic. (I’m not sure how that works. The rest of the building must be underground.)

He has been in business for over 16 years relying on word of mouth and drive by shoppers. No website, no Facebook page, No Youtube or Tic Toc. Just an actual physical place on Highway 31 in Glen Gardner where people visit and sometime leave reviews.

“Great place, great prices!”
“Perfect for collectors, diy projects or decorative pieces.”
“Inexpensive but low quality for the most part.” (I think he means cheap stuff)

(I added his photo to his Google Map profile.)

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