Revival Construction, a family run construction company based in Flemington, creates beautiful, new, yet rustic houses as well as renovations throughout the region.  It is well known for its quality and people always speak glowingly of working with them.

On a recent shoot we wanted to get a few exteriors and I noticed a small patch of wildflowers in a nearby field and  thought about how they would make a great foreground for the shot.  Positioning myself behind them way out in the field and using a telephoto lens I was able to get both the flowers and the house in the same shot.  The intent was to accentuate the exterior shot and give it a country look.

Using foreground is a great technique and relatively easy to do whether you are using a cell phone or a full blown professional camera.  The key is to find foreground that contributes to the main subject without distracting from it.  Often the foreground may be a little out of focus but in many situations that doesn’t matter.  The overall intent is to enhance the meaning of the image,  to create a stronger message, to tell a story.

So next time you are getting some shots for business or personal use, take a look at what you might use in the foreground and experiment.  You may find it adds a whole new dimension to your photo.

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