Category : Photo Stories

17 Oct 2021


On hot summer days it feels great to dive into some water. I generally wade in slowly holding my arms up above the water like a little girl until I get the courage to dunk myself. Last thing I’ll ever do is extreme river diving. It’s crazy dangerous. You board a small plane which then makes a low pass (200 ft) over the water and you dive out without a parachute. These guys do it. They survive every dive but […]

16 Oct 2021


I’ve carved a few pumpkins in my time and usually they are just filled with stringy pulp and seeds. I was shocked to cut into one, recent and find a brain instead. I wasn’t sure if I killed it or if it was already dead. It had been cut from the vine so probably wasn’t sentient anymore. Still, I felt pretty bad. I wonder how many intelligent pumpkins there are out there that have been hollowed out just to hold […]

15 Oct 2021


We probably take it for granted. That aroma of pumpkin. It is in pies, coffee and craft beer. The comforting smell we are thinking of is probably nutmeg but it’s still pumpkin in our book. But this smell, especially, the smell of actual pumpkins, can strike fear in the hearts of some. With good reason.

14 Oct 2021


Things that don’t keep moving, freeze up. They rust in place. There is no option. You have to keep moving and always steer in the direction you want to go.

13 Oct 2021


Trees always seem so Stoic, accepting whatever comes their way with grace and forbearance. For the most part, they truly are bastions of bravery facing and standing tall whatever come their way. But, like most species, there can be wide variabilities among individuals. If you see a frightened tree, rub it’s bark. They like that. It calms their nerves.

12 Oct 2021


The Theosophists (Madam Blavatsky and her buddies) were proponents of automatic writing. Supposedly higher level beings can write stuff through us without us doing anything other than holding the pen. I never knew if this was real until I saw it for myself. One day a man walked in my studio and said he had a message for me. I’m like, “What dude? Who are you?” but he had already gone into a trance. He did not move a muscle […]

11 Oct 2021


I am an excellent shot. A marksman. I never miss. Almost never. Well… sometimes. Actually, to be honest, l almost always miss if the target is moving.

10 Oct 2021


Budding is a form a sexual reproduction where a new organism is produced from an outgrowth of the parent. A growth starts on the parent which gets bigger and bigger until it cleaves and becomes a whole new organism, an identical clone. I knew this occured in plants and some animals like sponges, but I was surprised to witness this occurring in higher level organisms like Resusci Anne. Makes sense, though. How else would we get Resusci Baby when there […]

09 Oct 2021
Dog Delivery


Will innovations ever cease? Let’s hope not. The pandemic certainly accelerated some things, especially home delivery. When people were shut in, they craved companionship and the demand for dogs soared. But how to connect dogs with people when everyone was shut in? There were a few failed attempts like the disastrous Dog Dropping Drones which lead to more low tech solutions. One of the more successful was Pooches in a Basket which is still operating. For larger dogs there was […]

08 Oct 2021


He is too suspicious. Too ordinary. Too casual. You know he’s a spy. He is watching, Surveilling. He has secrets and knows ours. I’m not fooled by the newspaper. Way too obvious. He could have gotten away with this several years ago but now he sticks out and attracts stares. I’m going to get a paper and keep an eye on this guy.