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03 Dec 2021


When we think of ancient remains we usually think of Egypt, the far east or the Jungles of South America, but there are mysterious ancient ruins to be found throughout North America. Many of these ruins predate, by thousand of years, the indigenous nations that were here when white colonists showed up in their wooden boats looking for riches.

The ancient history of North America is murky but archaeologists have identified a few civilizations including the Mayo people, who thrived in the mid Atlantic region stretching to the Ohio River.

Surviving Mayo monuments are small and rare and they share a remarkable consistency throughout the entire region, a pyramid with a cube. Scholars speculate that this represents the arrival of the god Quewbix on the sacred mountain Illuminatos, believed to be in western Pennsylvania.

Scientist have deduced the meaning of these monuments by laser scanning to create 3D images of the markings on the pyramids and feeding the data into a supercomputer.

The data indicate that when Quebix descended from the great cosmos and alighted on Illuminatos, a multitude of small wriggling, worm-like beings emerged and spread over the land morphing into all the plants and animals on earth, including man. The earthworm was deified and worshipped by the Mayo. A few worm-like ruins have been found surrounded by piles of artifacts that resemble butter knives. They are believed to be ceremonial sites.

There is so much to learn about the history of this land. I wonder why we were never taught this in school.…

02 Dec 2021


It can happen anywhere. We are living on a dynamic planet. Volcanic eruptions are part of the deal.

Most volcanoes are located in areas where tectonic plates meet, especially at convergent boundaries. The emergence or activation of a volcano can be sudden and unpredictable. Being dynamic, the earth is unpredictable too. We don’t know everything there is to know and it often surprises us.

Locals in Bedminster Township, PA were very surprised when a tiny riff opened and burped out a bit of granular lava. recently. There was a big bang at about 3:15 am, people were alarmed and the 911 lines lit up. As police responded to the calls they discovered the damage to one of the local roads. By the time they got there the eruption was over and the granular lava already cooling down.

USGS volcanologists visited the next day with all their fancy seismic and volcanic equipment. They swarmed all over taking measurements and photos and produced a bunch of 8×10 glossy photos with circles and arrows and a description on the back of each one.

When asked what the hell happened and could it happen again, they said, probably, maybe, they don’t really know.…

01 Dec 2021


You never know if you can believe that non-physical beings can communicate by talking through a physical being. I’ve read a few books that were reportedly written this way and am open minded about it.

After what I saw recently I’m convinced.

I stepped out of my studio one day and encountered Avery talking to Frank who was busy transcribing everything Avery said. Avery’s voice was a low, powerful baritone but he certainly did not look like he would have that kind of voice. I paused, he looked at me and in a deep friendly voice invited me to step over to say hello.

Frank who was transcribing introduced me to Avery and explained what they were doing, writing a book. However, Avery introduced himself as Jellaiton and told me he was a entity no longer focused in a physical body. He said Avery willingly allowed him to do this. Avery squawked and ruffled his feathers in agreement. It was entirely believable.

I asked what the book was about. He said it was a self-help book on organic lawn care. I don’t know why they were doing this in the parking lot.…

30 Nov 2021


It started as something for a science fair and has since become the greatest, latest technology for reversing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Like many kids, Kyle is unnerved by the dire predictions for his future. He’s also clever. Motivated by other young people like Greta Thunberg, he decided he’d do something more than worry so he invented a CO2 extractor that everyone could use. He showed it to me and explained the principles.

The extractor is designed to be attached to a bicycle and requires no power except muscle power. As the rider increases the speed of the bike, the wheels create a micro quantum vortex that slightly shifts the CO2 molecule’s nuclear bond just enough to break the carbon and oxygen atoms apart resulting simple carbon and gaseous oxygen. The carbon is deposited wherever the rider is riding and the oxygen escapes into the atmosphere.

By relying on quantum vortex it is extremely efficient and can convert a ton of CO2 during a simple ride around the block. The gauge shows how many tons are converted per ride.

Kyles made about 15 of these in his garage so far and is giving them out to friends. His older brother, Blatan, is building a manufacturing plant in the backyard where they expect to produce about 100 of these per day to start.

They will soon sell for $29.95 on ETSY. For more information visit their website: CO2DESTROYER.com

29 Nov 2021


It is not widely known but upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the world center for manufacturing small submarines. These aren’t the billion dollar babies built to launch nuclear weapons and destroy the world, but instead are used for recreation. (They don’t fire torpedos either. )

You can pick up one of these subs for under $5,000. They are great for deep lakes and can be used in the ocean, too. They only hold one person and can stay down for about two hours. The only problem is that you need a crane to put in the water, so a day underwater can be very pricey.

28 Nov 2021


I’ve had a little down time lately and thought I’d start a new business. They say you should do what you love and I found the perfect business. I even came up with a catchy name.

The Bald Man.
27 Nov 2021


A few years ago the old Mildford, NJ papermill was demolished. While not super historic, the mill did have some architectural features that people wanted preserved, in particular, the two brick chimneys.

The demo crews wanted to just blow them up but preservationists protested and blocked them. At great expense, the chimneys were carefully lifted intact and placed in a special truck to carry them to their new destination in Kearny, NJ.

Everything went exceedingly well up until the truck driver popped the clutch too hard and the stacks fell out and broke into a million bricks.

The overall demolition was quite a project with heavy equipment turning a once thriving papermill into a giant sandbox in just a few weeks.

Brokaw Photography
26 Nov 2021


It’s plastic. Not real. The leg fell off and needed to be fixed. That’s all.…

25 Nov 2021


Happy Thanksgiving! Everyday is a good day to give thanks and what better way than with a truckload of Santas?…

24 Nov 2021


Three heavy oil-filled transformers sit atop a slightly bent wooden pole outside my studio window.

That’s a mess of wires. Add to that some good old fashion, landline telephone wires heading every which way plus some sloppy cable lines. And there’s a street light too. A sodium vapor light that casts a warm yellow light in the evening and shines right in my window.

All this hangs on this one slightly bent pole which has been bearing the weight for as long as I’ve been in town, over 13 years and probably longer. That’s one tough pole. I hope. What’s the lifespan of a telephone pole?