Category : Photo Stories

28 Nov 2021


I’ve had a little down time lately and thought I’d start a new business. They say you should do what you love and I found the perfect business. I even came up with a catchy name.

27 Nov 2021


A few years ago the old Mildford, NJ papermill was demolished. While not super historic, the mill did have some architectural features that people wanted preserved, in particular, the two brick chimneys. The demo crews wanted to just blow them up but preservationists protested and blocked them. At great expense, the chimneys were carefully lifted intact and placed in a special truck to carry them to their new destination in Kearny, NJ. Everything went exceedingly well up until the truck […]

26 Nov 2021


It’s plastic. Not real. The leg fell off and needed to be fixed. That’s all.

25 Nov 2021


Happy Thanksgiving! Everyday is a good day to give thanks and what better way than with a truckload of Santas?

24 Nov 2021


Three heavy oil-filled transformers sit atop a slightly bent wooden pole outside my studio window. That’s a mess of wires. Add to that some good old fashion, landline telephone wires heading every which way plus some sloppy cable lines. And there’s a street light too. A sodium vapor light that casts a warm yellow light in the evening and shines right in my window. All this hangs on this one slightly bent pole which has been bearing the weight for […]

23 Nov 2021


It’s a subtle insider message. Legionnaires know what it means. Unlike a tank or a anti-aircraft gun which are obvious war machines and adorn most American Legion chapters, this one picked a different symbol. Sure, to the average viewer it’s just another decoration but the guys know what really means. It’s the place to go to be with your fellow vets and enjoy a few brews, in fact QUITE a few brews. They even take turns being designated drivers.

22 Nov 2021


Way back around around the second millenium B.C. God reportedly told Joshua to head over to what is now Palestine and kill everyone. Kind of harsh if you ask me. I’m not a biblical scholar, of course. I’ve tried reading it, but just don’t get the old English writing. I don’t understand Shakespeare either. But I know how to Google stuff. I wonder if this woman knows the story. Could be.

21 Nov 2021


Everybody gets them, some more than others. They suck and can be debilitating. Runners coming into the homestretch can suddenly be cripple by painful cramps. I’ve been woken up by a huge knot in my leg that has to be walked off until it loosens up. And there are no cramps like the ones courageous women face when birthing us. Remedies abound. Drink more water. Keep up your electrolytes, take supplements. But did you know there are special elixirs formulated […]

20 Nov 2021


Andrew takes his job seriously. He has worn out countless shoes pacing back and forth in front the the portal door, guarding it like he did guard duty during his days in the Army. Back then he was armed with an M16. These days he carries a finger buzzer. While it sounds benign and perhaps a bit silly, Andrew’s finger buzzer is a weapon to be respected. It draws it power from the portal behind the door. If threaten, Andrew […]

19 Nov 2021


Thomas the Train was a darling little blue train with a happy face and a story narrated by George Carlin. Engine 33 isn’t cut from the same loaf. It’s not even the same kind of bread. Thomas was the kind of “Yes I can, yes I can train. Engine 33 is more likely to say F@ck it, I’m done!” and walk off the job train. (Well roll off the job.) Thomas belongs to the Screen Actors Guild and was paid […]