Category : Photo Stories

17 May 2021


How would you like to have a potential sales force of 2.5 million people? I bet you could move some product. And the Girls Scouts do! They sell almost a billion dollars worth of cookies each year. That’s $1,000,000,000. I’m a buyer. I’ve contribute to that 10 figure sum. I’m a minter, a mentholated chocolatier, a happy cruncher. A box does not last long. Sometimes only a couple days, sometimes only a couple hours. It’s a form of nourishment, one […]

16 May 2021


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to retreat to the mountains and live a life of study and meditation? Maybe not, but who wouldn’t like a more serene mind? You don’t have to go to the mountains to be a monk. I met this gentle soul, a Buddhist monk, strolling the streets of Lambertville. Some monks retreat from the world. Others know the world is just an illusion and don’t worry about where they land.

15 May 2021


Faster than a speeding locomotive? Maybe. (Trains don’t go very fast around here). Definitely faster than walking. This is taking bike riding to a whole new level. Streamline, contained and a cute little light in the front. I wonder if it has a horn. I hope so. A bicycle bell wouldn’t cut it. A locomotive whistle would be cool. The rider could mount it right in front where they could toot long drawn out warnings when they get to cross […]

14 May 2021


I’m told this is fairly common in Texas. Four tires with extended hubcaps (the spare has one, too) It seems like it might be a little limiting, like growing your nails way too long or maybe walking around with an inflated truck tire around your waist. Forget about fitting into a tight parking place or squeezing past someone turning left at a stop light. People probably won’t drive too close to you but if there was an accidental sideswipe your […]

13 May 2021


People travel great distances to visit the standing stones of Columcille. To feel it, breath it and dress the part. Columcille is tucked away in a rural corner of eastern PA. It’s a place where you can go and walk among stones, wildflowers, woods, and water. It’s a place where you can let your mind unwind and take a break from reality. While it’s not ancient, mysterious or hidden deep in the highlands of Scotland, it’s still pretty cool. I’m […]

12 May 2021

30,000 PARTS

I’ve heard written that a car has about 30,000 parts including bolts and screws. Probably not something you want to take apart and put back together some weekend. I’m pretty sure I would have some parts left over, maybe 10,000. Not a problem, though. I could store them in jars in my garage. There are mechanical wonders who can take apart cars, repair them and put them back together without leftovers. And there are parts meisters, like Serge at the […]

11 May 2021


It’s an oak apple, but I thought oaks have acorns. They are called acorn trees not apple trees. So what’s an apple doing growing on an oak? Some weird cross pollination? It’s a gall. A little wasp nursery. Momma wasp, along with some helper mites, directed an oak tree to make this nifty house for one of her kids. One larva per gall. Plants and animals teaming up. Inter-kingdom cooperation.

10 May 2021


Wiener beaner. Frank-cap. It’s a fashion statement. A grocery store style.

09 May 2021


There’s more than one kind of house painter. You can paint a house, or you can paint a house. Painting a house is a big job. You need ladders and lots of paint. On the other hand, painting a house is a much smaller job. You can do it from the ground. You may need to paint the sky, too.

08 May 2021


We’ve totally hosed our groundwater. It’s full of lovely toxic chemicals, especially around gas stations. Who would have ever thought that a regular steel storage tank would rust and leak if you buried it in moist soil? ( A third grader could have figured that one out.) Now that the damage is done everyone is trying to undo it. Here’s an idea. Let’s pump more chemicals in to fix the problem. Ya never know. The march of science.