Category : Photo Stories

07 Nov 2021


There was a time when he was rugged and strong and as a North Sea fishing boat captain. He’d gladly be attached to nets or lobster traps to mark their location and assure the catch. It was a worthy life and he knew his worth. But as the seas got warmer and industrial fishing became greedier, the fish and lobster became scarcer and scarcer and fishing became a zero sum enterprise. The corporations scoured the sea usurping everything. Fishing was […]

06 Nov 2021


He looks like a regular street musician, a busker. His horn is tarnished and looks well used. He expertly fingers the valves and puckers his cheek in earnest effort. But when I passed by I was baffled. It wasn’t the sound of a horn I heard, it was a piano. He was playing Bohemian Rhapsody, no small feat for a regular piano player, much less a trumpet player. Each note was crisp and melodic and could have been coming from […]

05 Nov 2021


Sure, we all would expect snowman poop simply to be snowballs, but they have much more complex gastrointestinal systems than commonly known. When mammals eat lucious, leafy food and fruit it gets converted and changes quite a bit before being expelled. It’s the same with snowmen. What is surprising is the transformation that takes place. Their intake does not just get converted into a simple waste product. It becomes something new. What it becomes, depends on the species of snowman. […]

04 Nov 2021


She seemed so innocuous. Just another mom out shopping and stopping to get some photo prints made. The local Walmarts are not as crowded as the have been in the past, especially the non-food areas, so she took advantage of this to pursue her mission. What better way to hide nefarious actions that right out in the open? As I wandered by and I looked up at all the TVs they suddenly flashed to high resolution satellite images of our […]

03 Nov 2021


The back to nature movement is still strong, even in urban environments. People are realizing they can take even a small backyard and transform it into a wilderness. But sometimes, backyard wilderness may attract the unexpected. This small plot in Bethlehem is an example. The owners carefully cultivated an urban playground for their kids who enjoyed it immensely. But it attracted gnomes who tunnelled up from their subterranean complexes. This race of gnomes is benevolent and kind and they love […]

02 Nov 2021


He isn’t the first person to be outfitted with a prosthesis to compensate for injury but he may be the most extensive. Sam is a long-time and dedicated worker and when he suffered a terrible accident, all he wanted to do was to get back to work. But the damage was extensive and the current off-the shelf mechanical arms and legs weren’t practical. That didn’t deter Sam. He knew that the impossible is possible and reached out to the robotics […]

01 Nov 2021


This could be taken a few ways. Maybe it’s an article, an adjective, pointing out this is “the” road.Maybe a comma is missing and it’s answering the question what should we be doing in our cars.Maybe it descriptive. This is not an interesting road. Or maybe it’s named after a local family.

31 Oct 2021


This should have made headlines worldwide but it could have caused undue consternation. While trying to crash subatomic particles into each other, the physicists at CERN inadvertently invented an actual time machine. It isn’t quite as elegant as the H.G. Wells version with the big wheel and levers, though. (The coolest time machine ever!) It’s rather dull to look at but it works. It also does something totally unexpected. It doesn’t allow one to go back into the future or […]

18 Oct 2021


Painting lines on the roads can be pretty boring. Miles and miles of straight lines. No loops, No aesthetically pleasing figures. No circles, triangle or quadrilograms. It’s no wonder guys who do this like to get a little toasted before starting the day.

17 Oct 2021


On hot summer days it feels great to dive into some water. I generally wade in slowly holding my arms up above the water like a little girl until I get the courage to dunk myself. Last thing I’ll ever do is extreme river diving. It’s crazy dangerous. You board a small plane which then makes a low pass (200 ft) over the water and you dive out without a parachute. These guys do it. They survive every dive but […]