Pocketkamera Stories

16 Aug 2021


There is an art to being able to walk in the rain and not get wet. Maybe art isn’t the best word. It’s science. Science and technique. Technique and skill. Techni-skill. The technique is based on vibration. As we know, everything is vibrating, even rocks. When things vibrate slowly, they appear to be solid. Knock a rock on your skull and you’ll appreciate this apparent solidity. Gases vibrate rapidly. You can pass your hand through gas easily. Some people have […]

15 Aug 2021


The notorious tomato hornworm is not well regarded amongst gardeners. Many of them are all too happy to douse them with Sevin Insect Killer to wipe them out, eradicate them, remove them from the face of the earth and save their tomatoes. Others like to use less chemically invasive methods like poisoning them with bacteria or unleashing parasites. What many people don’t know is that tomato hornworms are nature’s performers with many talents. They can reportedly sing but only other […]

14 Aug 2021


There is a rock on the side of the road, deep in the Pinelands. Geologically, it does not belong there. There aren’t any big rock formations anywhere nearby. It’s sandy. It’s the coastal plain. No outcrops, no boulders. No one really knows where it came from. Some think it fell off a truck. Maybe it grew there. People like to paint it. I first saw it over 20-30 years ago. It was gold. The next time I saw it a […]

13 Aug 2021


Not “on” first. We know that was Who. Instead who was here first? It is an interesting mix of businesses, although not surprising. My guess is that customers of Bob are not adverse to stopping in at the place next door. I could see either of these businesses make a decision to locate next to the other one. Both create a draw. I suppose it’s possible that both have the same owner, although they have fairly dissimilar business models. On […]

12 Aug 2021


This used to be under a government building in Washington and now it is in Wind Gap PA. It is still operational. Fully operational. (Apparently CONTROL headquarters were relocated.) As can be noted it also has been upgraded from an analog rotary system to a more modern analog button system. More efficient and quicker, especially if a KAOS agent is following you. It is a wonder why this is out in the open, but maybe that’s the ploy. Who would […]

11 Aug 2021


Mail has gotten slow. Too slow for many of us who got used a pretty efficient postal service. Of course, when there is a problem there is often a solution, multiple solutions. Hopefully the government will rectify things. In the mean time there are some ingenious hacks people are using to blast out their mail.

10 Aug 2021


I shop here often. It is quite popular and I understand why. You can get things here that no other stores carry. Many people get their voodoo supplies here. I’m not into voodoo, but I do visit the tinctures and rare ingredients aisle. Sometimes, when shopping, I feel a cold chill pass through me and things fall off the shelves into my basket. It must be the air conditioning. Shopping hours can be a little confusing. Sometimes the store is […]

09 Aug 2021


They must have had t-shirts made for a family reunion or something. Although they are just drawings they look just like the people they represent. They even have color coordinated clothes. This is good. If everyone in the family wears the t-shirt you’ll instantly know everyone’s name and a little about their personality. I’m not sure about the country of origin of their last name but they certainly must be American.

08 Aug 2021


Strange visitors from another planet who come to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Visitors who can change the course of Zoom meetings, bend time in their bare hands. And who, disguised as mild-mannered office workers for great metropolitan philanthropists, fight a never ending battle for more coffee breaks, low cal, but tasty doughnuts and transformative, employee, fulfillment days.

07 Aug 2021


People in this area are often surprisingly warm and welcoming, opening their hearts to friends they haven’t met, yet. And they like to get the message out about how they feel. They do more than put a cute little decoration on their door and instead brightly proclaim how they feel about you. We are a friendly people.