Pocketkamera Stories

26 Aug 2021


America. The You-Knighted States. It’s us, the U.S., the land of plenty. Plenty of containers and tarps for our stuff. Plenty of roadside markets for our stuff to be resold. Plenty of roads for roadside markets. Good and Plenty. Can’t get enough? Get more.

25 Aug 2021


Not sure if this a modern N95 plague beak. Maybe. These masks didn’t offer much protection against bubonic infected fleas back in the dark ages, but they looked pretty cool and gave doctors who wore them an air of scary. The beak is for perfume. If the air smells good, it can’t be bad. (This would be good for podiatrists.) I suppose you could store other things in there, too. Maybe a little water, some snacks, your cell phone. It […]

24 Aug 2021


What do you do when salemen/women come selling? I suppose it depends on whether or not they bring gifts. For the generous salesman/woman bring them in and give them the comfy chair. For the barebones sellers, just give them the comfy chair.

23 Aug 2021


Now this is nice to see. It took way too long to come up with but at least it’s a start. Instead of styrofoam here is a cooler made out of “recycled tree pulp” (paper) and paraffin. It works and then it rots. Or you can dry it out and reuse it.

22 Aug 2021


It’s a gesture of respect for a civilian. We don’t have to salute. No one is going to bust us to buck private if we don’t. We salute things, people, whatever because we want to. Because we hold them/it in high regard. Each of us is entitled to care about those things, people, positions, symbols we hold dear. Saluting expresses this to the person/thing/symbol and reinforces our reverence. What I salute or don’t salute may be different from you. That’s […]

21 Aug 2021

1918 PPE

It wasn’t the first pandemic, but it was a big one. The precursor to our 2020-2021-20?? one. Many lessons were learned and then ignored, discarded. Too restrictive. Too hard. Too expensive. Too inconvenient. But it was a time of innovation. Humans have a way of stepping up when their survival is threatened. Many inventions were created, manufactured and then forgotten. The A-1064 nose breather was a marvel. Though a little awkward it miraculously purified air for the user. Not only […]

20 Aug 2021


A little bit of throw back lexicon. Can you dig it? It’s analog. According to Wikipedia, the term groovy originated in the early forties among jazz musicians getting into sync with the rhythm of their music. It also refers to the grooves in a vinyl record. When you are in the groove you are flowing. When things are flowing they’re groovy, cool, hip, right on. But that’s old speak, tired, lame, boomer language. We are in the digital age now. […]

19 Aug 2021


It’s an entrance. A tight fit for most, even for the residents. The mailbox appearance is really just a facade for the casual observer. So is the weathered condition of the structure. Inside, it’s Home and Garden beautiful. Archtechture Digest amazing. Martha Stewart worthy. But we’ll never see it. It’s private and obviously well guarded.

18 Aug 2021


Life can be baffling. The only time it isn’t, is when we aren’t thinking about it. For some, the intrepid, the seekers, the questions of life, about life go unresolved. Each question leading to another. No answers are complete. No answers are final. No answers are complete. They seek wisdom from the sages, from the mystics, from sacred objects only to find the answers are within but the questions remain. WTF MacBeth?

17 Aug 2021


We usually think of old farmers in bib overalls wearing John Deer caps. Maybe it’s a stereotype, maybe it’s accurate. I haven’t photographed many farmers, old or young but I did catch this one out cutting his field. No overalls at all. In fact he’s totally naked. Totally, totally naked, except for the hat and scarf. Scarfs aren’t a good idea around farm equipment.