Pocketkamera Stories

16 Sep 2021


Flamingoes are a lovely bird. Especially pink ones. I can’t think of many pink birds, especially around here We got red, and blue and yellow but no pink. Flamingoes get their color from the food they eat. Food such as diatoms, algae, tiny mollusks and crustaceans. Flamingoes are not native to this area but many people keep them as pets. I see them often standing in people’s yards. Most flamingo owners know about the pink thing and buy special food […]

15 Sep 2021


The great architect, Aljusta Senioritis, has been turning the residential housing market upside down with his innovative designs. Some of his more well known homes are the gothic cube-dome for Tredwiller O’Connell and the ghetto revival tenement built for rapper E.J.L.M.O. Jammtoe on his private island in the Bahamas. Less well known are some of earlier works. While traveling in rural PA, I came across this house and immediately recognised his federal farmhouse beach cottage. It was quite original and […]

14 Sep 2021


There are some places on Earth where gravity is light. They are just tiny spots, not huge regions (that would be physically impossible). And they are dangerous. You wouldn’t think a small spot of light gravity would be a problem, but that may be because you’ve never stepped on one. I thought maybe if I did, I would just float a bit until I drifted to an area where gravity was normal. That is until I actually witnessed what happens. […]

13 Sep 2021


A wedding photographer once told me he could predict the likely outcome of a marriage by how the couple acted on their wedding day, especially right after the ceremony. I done photographed a lot of weddings since hearing that boast and got the sense that, yeah, there definitely are telltale signs of impending discord. Sometimes it’s the body English. I even started seeing it during engagement shoots, like this one. Makes you wonder. If I had doubts about a couple’s […]

12 Sep 2021


This just showed up, painted on the side of a building. At first I thought it was just some graffiti. Nicely done, but just graffiti. Then something seemed familiar. It began to make sense. I could see patterns. That was when I realise that this was the solution to the Unification Theory, demonstrating the direct relationship between time, matter, gravity and pizza. Mathematicians had been searching for this for years. I got in touch with professors at Stanford, MIT and […]

11 Sep 2021


I don’t know how archeologists figure out some hieroglyphics. While many are pretty straight forward, like a silhouette of a hand or a bunch of two legged stick figures stabbing a four legged stick figure, some are more obscure. It’s not just the ancients who used hieroglyphics. There are still plenty in use today. Some of them I can figure out but some just baffle me.

10 Sep 2021


This is not how I would do it. Hell no. No one gets a free ride except me. Put me in that comfy driver’s seat and let the faithful servants take me where I want to go. This is just backwards.

09 Sep 2021


Other people, especially those with strong opinions, seem to think they know what’s best for us. They see us heading in what they think is the wrong direction and impose their wisdom upon us. The best thing to do is ignore them. But then again… what if they know something we don’t know? What if, what if that insightful person is not real, but instead an avatar sent to advise us from another dimension? What if we are not being […]

08 Sep 2021


It used to be easy, when hay bales were small. You could tuck them under a rock or cover them with a few leaves and no one would know you were there. Farmers in our area sometimes just covered them in Post It notes with mundane things like “water the poison ivy” or “pick up corn meal worms.” Day to day stuff you’d glance at and forget never realising there was a hay bale hidden under that valueless information. But […]

07 Sep 2021


It’s inevitable. We will screw up. We’ll do something we later wish we hadn’t. We will make a mess of some things. Maybe a lot of things. What’s the best thing we can do? Deny it and blame someone else, of course. Not all of have this fortitude, though. We cave. We admit. We take responsibility and sometimes in a big way, shouting it out to everyone (who may or may not give a rat’s petunia). Shouting it out is […]