Pocketkamera Stories

05 Sep 2021


On the average our heads are about 11+ pounds. Quite a ball of bone, meat and blood. Imagine holding up an 11 pound medicine ball all day, every day. Sounds tiring. The box people of Actinicastan (a remote caucasian tribe located near the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan) have even heavier heads, sometimes weighing up to 35-40 pounds. They’ve adapted to their unusually heavy heads but they do need to hold onto their heads to keep their balance when curb hopping. […]

04 Sep 2021


It is marshmallow season in PA. They are ripe and ready. There are several species differentiated by shape, color and texture. This is the eastern orb marshmallow. It is pure white and round with a firm texture. The western orb marshmallow is much softer. The eastern orb is found mostly shaded woods and does well in rocky soils. They were common when colonizer first came to this area but are slow growing and were wiped out by overharvesting and deforestation. […]

03 Sep 2021


Road grime can be insidious, especially if you are a hitchhiker, (especially especially if you are a long distance hitchhiker), or a hobo, or a nomad, or a pilgrim. Fortunately, people have set up roadside laundries to take care of that grime. Currently, they are spaced about 300 miles apart from each other on a grid system, so you build up a lot of grime traveling between them. Their locations are indicated by hobo hieroglyphics scattered along popular migration routes. […]

02 Sep 2021


We know we have a problem with weapons. There are too many and they are to easy to get. There is no point in trying to take them away from people. It may also be less than wise (they have the weapon, you don’t). A solution is to provide an alternative. Such an alternative is becoming widely available and is, as yet, largely unregulated. The solution is not in the weapon aas much as it is in the ammunition. As […]

01 Sep 2021


It’s been a few months since Cicada Nation, since the rise and collapse of an insect empire. Brood 10 has risen and fallen before. Great armies of mostly clueless, horny, hungry soldiers set forth and dominated the landscape. Great waves amassed in our trees, singing out, signalling to each other that the time had come to rise up and take over the world. But they lacked a leader. A unifier. A great and powerful orator who could channel their exuberance. […]

31 Aug 2021


The tension is palpable. The focus fierce. The stones are arrayed on the board and on each player’s rack. One wrong move and mass hysteria could break out. The game proceeded. The players sweating in the dense, temperate summer air. I crept in to get my shot and then stealthily slithered away.

30 Aug 2021


It is quite a fad down at the Jersey shore. IBBA groups are cropping up all over. It looks easier than it is. It requires quite a bit of discipline to manipulate your invisible beach ball, especially when it’s windy. Practitioners get quite a few benefits. Almost everyone reports more flexible shoulders. Others say they have better circulation and reduced blood pressure. A few who have been doing it a while claims that it has given them clairvoyance and some […]

29 Aug 2021


Wertzels are fairly common in Pennsylvania forests. You can hear them calling at dusk, especially in the fall. Almost everyone has heard them but no one remembers seeing one. There are no photos or video. It took scientists a long time to figure this out. It turns out wertzels have a unique and effective defense mechanism. Whenever a potential predator gets anywhere near them, they release a hormone that causes short term memory loss. If you go searching for one […]

28 Aug 2021


Usually we just think of spearing a worm on a hook and offering it to a hungry fish so we can eat the fish. But why not just cut out the middle man? The middle fish? Worms are actually pretty nutritious with an impressive amino acid profile (assuming you are impressed by these things). Protein-wise they are about equivalent to chicken eggs. A worm omelette would be hearty breakfast. Worms are also voracious eaters and will quickly wolf down your […]

27 Aug 2021


When you are deeply reverent about two things you can merge them. Blend them together into a composite, a mash-up, a stew. (Well maybe not a stew. That’s just a bunch of stuff cooking together in a pot or a mess you’ve gotten yourself into.) Folks seem to be conflating religion and politics these days. Melding the ancient teachings of sages and enlightened ones with the spewings of pundits and bunyips. Maybe it’s always been this way. I ain’t been […]