23 Mar 2021


I’ve noticed that trash collectors are leery of people who emerge from the darkness and point a camera at them at 5:00 AM. Confronting a suspicious, burly hauler is probably not the best way to start my morning but how else do I get a photo? (I guess I could hide in the bushes, but he’d probably see me.) As my trash collector prepared to load my trash into the truck he looked up and saw me standing there . […]

22 Mar 2021


Some people walk around with earphones piping music into their brain. It’s a closed system, just looping around and around/. On the other hand, there are those who walk around piping music from their brain out into the world. Some hum, some sing and some play a harmonica while at the same time pick and strum a mandolin. It’s an open system. Playing two instruments at once while strolling is not for those of us who have trouble walking and […]

21 Mar 2021


Black skies are not very common. Except at night. (They are pretty common at night. I think that’s why they call it night). Most of the time (daytime) the skies are blue or gray with an occasional treat of red and orange during sunrise and sunset. Black? Better head for the storm shelter because that means there’s a blow a brewing. Or more likely a squall. Black skies and white steeples. Great combo.

20 Mar 2021


You’d think a steam roller could go anywhere. Maybe slowly, but indefatigably, relentlessly, inch by inch, mile by mile. But not with those treads. It is really a bit of a wimp when it comes to surmounting even minor obstacles. This driver was tasked with picking up a roller and taking it to another site, but like a stubborn mule it refused to let itself be loaded. It just slipped and slided. It looked frustrating and I offered to give […]

19 Mar 2021


An abandoned self-car wash, a big puddle and a bright white fence on a clear sunny day. I wander around often to see if I can find photos. They are always all around so it is just a matter of seeing them. Sometimes it’s the subject that’s the subject and sometimes the whole scene is the subject and the way it stimulates the viewer’s eye.

18 Mar 2021


An interesting intersection in Wind Gap. If you take Male Road you can get to Beers Way. It’s the way to the Way. Beers Way is a dead end, though. If you pass it on your Male Road journey and decide to take a detour you will find it doesn’t go anywhere. You could linger there or even stay but that’s probably not very productive. Just stop for a visit and maybe a burp.

17 Mar 2021


It’s a fragile outfit for a baby. One stumble or bump could cause multiple implosions. It doesn’t look comfortable. Probably not something a baby would go jogging in. Do babies jog? It must be fashion week.

16 Mar 2021


Painting a stairway isn’t easy. It’s awkward. How do you use a ladder on stairs? The stairway leading to my studio was painted aqua as part of “pond” theme. It was pretty cool but made the staircase dark so the landlord hire a painter (Joe) and his helper to apply a coat of white paint. They were here for a few days and I got to know them. Joe told me he was always being ribbed about being too old […]

15 Mar 2021


Some of the more interesting items being stocked at the Sunbeam General Store. There could be plenty of applications for these. It could be used as a warning system, like the sirens that are set up for tsunamis or nuclear meltdowns. Maybe if you got musical talent you could whistle a tune. Get together with some others and form a band. Chances are live performances wouldn’t sell out, though.

14 Mar 2021


Some savvy street marketing with strategic wording to get you thinking. It is one thing to outright ask someone for something. Can I have some money? That’s a question. It can be answered directly. The answer can be “no.” It’s another thing to be oblique. To ask without asking. I wonder if the author of these signs did any A/B testing to see which sign has the best results.