31 May 2021


We can’t really be carbon free. We’re mostly made out of carbon. If we removed it, there wouldn’t be much left of us, just a salty puddle. It’s a catchy phrase though. Easier to say than than “carbon dioxide emission eliminated” (although that does have a bit of a ring to it). So go carbon dioxide emission eliminated! Ditch your gas burner or plug in for some Hot Wheels. They’ve come a long way and are now available in human […]

30 May 2021


I often see people with their dogs at the local big box hardware store. The dogs look happy. Do dogs like shopping? They don’t have credit cards, so I am guessing they are just browsing. Hardware stores are the best places to browse. It must be fun to throw your bed in a cart and be rolled around the store. I want to try that.

29 May 2021


Based on my extensive research it appears that every college campus has a unicycle guy (“guy” being gender neutral). It’s that person who eschews walking in favor of rolling. It’s admirable but a little weird. Pedaling a unicycle doesn’t look that relaxing and you fall into gap between a normal pedestrian and a normal cyclist. But I suppose it has it’s advantages. Your hands are free (like when walking) and you can move a little faster, but you still stand […]

28 May 2021


It took Americans a while to get used to the idea of eating raw fish. Raw meat has germs that can make us puke (or worse). We wash our hands after handling chicken and I’m not sure there are many of us who would take a bit out of a bloody steak. (football players aside). But we are enjoying sushi, now. Dead fish aren’t as frightening as dead birds and mammals. But live fish seems to be taking it another […]

27 May 2021


Riding is so much more fun when you have a partner. Someone with whom you can cruise the highways and backroads. Someone who loves chilling out on the elevated back seat of your trike where they can look around, dig the scenery and feel the wind in their fur. Herb has Freddy. Freddy has a banana.

26 May 2021


You never know who might need a spare motorcycle wheel complete with tire, disk brake and partial frame assembly. Somebody probably does. It’s perfect for the enthusiast who has the rest of motorcycle and is in search of a back wheel. You can’t beat the price.

25 May 2021


It’s a Franklin Mail Burner. Benjamin Franklin invented it. It makes for a great mailbox. It’s cast iron. Very sturdy. Better than those plastic ones. Benjamin Franklin was a visionary. As the country’s first Postmaster, he anticipated the rise of junk mail and set about inventing the perfect mailbox. When you go out to collect your mail each day, just collect the good stuff, leave the junk and throw a match in. Ya can’t do that with a plastic mailbox […]

24 May 2021


He made this himself. I don’t what it is, but it looks important. It has labels, wires and a handle and green pieces of tape. Maybe it’s a stereo system or even better, a 3D thingy. Maybe it’s an interdimensional camera phone.

23 May 2021


It stalks us from the canopy. Dropping down and latching onto our backs as we pass underneath. Its impact is real, but subtle. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. You can feel it. Distracting you. Draining your energy. It thrives while we wither. There’s no magic cure, but the human body is resilient and can fight it off if we are healthy. Knowing what is potentially out there gives us an advantage. We can prepare. Always carry […]

22 May 2021


We aren’t always warned about possible side effects. Or maybe we are, but it’s in 2 point, light gray font. Sometimes researchers don’t even know what can happen. Death is often cited, so they can say they warned us in case we croak. It’s the mysterious and unexpected side effects that are baffling. With billions of people now getting gunk injected somethings are bound to happen that can’t be explained.