25 May 2021


It’s a Franklin Mail Burner. Benjamin Franklin invented it. It makes for a great mailbox. It’s cast iron. Very sturdy. Better than those plastic ones. Benjamin Franklin was a visionary. As the country’s first Postmaster, he anticipated the rise of junk mail and set about inventing the perfect mailbox. When you go out to collect your mail each day, just collect the good stuff, leave the junk and throw a match in. Ya can’t do that with a plastic mailbox […]

24 May 2021


He made this himself. I don’t what it is, but it looks important. It has labels, wires and a handle and green pieces of tape. Maybe it’s a stereo system or even better, a 3D thingy. Maybe it’s an interdimensional camera phone.

23 May 2021


It stalks us from the canopy. Dropping down and latching onto our backs as we pass underneath. Its impact is real, but subtle. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. You can feel it. Distracting you. Draining your energy. It thrives while we wither. There’s no magic cure, but the human body is resilient and can fight it off if we are healthy. Knowing what is potentially out there gives us an advantage. We can prepare. Always carry […]

22 May 2021


We aren’t always warned about possible side effects. Or maybe we are, but it’s in 2 point, light gray font. Sometimes researchers don’t even know what can happen. Death is often cited, so they can say they warned us in case we croak. It’s the mysterious and unexpected side effects that are baffling. With billions of people now getting gunk injected somethings are bound to happen that can’t be explained.

21 May 2021


The world can be a dangerous place. You wouldn’t think that getting close to a fence would be risky, but then, a fly doesn’t think a venus fly trap looks risky either. Being a fence is a pretty passive existence. You don’t travel and pretty much just hang out in one place until you rot, rust or get removed. Some fences use this time to improve themselves in a good way. Others evolve less beneficial features. So it’s important not […]

20 May 2021


Werewolves are known to be pretty ferocious beasts, except for Michael J.Fox when he was the Teen Wolf, . Michael’s werewolf must have had mellow genes. (His dad was a werewolf, too.) Of course any good scientist trained in animal research will tell you that there are numerous species. that may become “were,” including dogs. Dogs are diurnal so weredogs come out in the day and are generally less aggressive unless provoked. Weredogs only morph into men. (It’s like hemophilia […]

19 May 2021


How do you stay sunny on a rainy day? Get some blues skies. “Blue daysAll of them goneNothing but blue skiesFrom now on.” Now all we need are some blue birds.

18 May 2021


No trespass. Stay the hell away. No steppa you on my property. Mean dog. I am not sure there really is a dog here but the sign does send a clear message. The color palet was carefully chosen to be noticed and elevate one’s emotional state. I am not going to venture any further.

17 May 2021


How would you like to have a potential sales force of 2.5 million people? I bet you could move some product. And the Girls Scouts do! They sell almost a billion dollars worth of cookies each year. That’s $1,000,000,000. I’m a buyer. I’ve contribute to that 10 figure sum. I’m a minter, a mentholated chocolatier, a happy cruncher. A box does not last long. Sometimes only a couple days, sometimes only a couple hours. It’s a form of nourishment, one […]

16 May 2021


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to retreat to the mountains and live a life of study and meditation? Maybe not, but who wouldn’t like a more serene mind? You don’t have to go to the mountains to be a monk. I met this gentle soul, a Buddhist monk, strolling the streets of Lambertville. Some monks retreat from the world. Others know the world is just an illusion and don’t worry about where they land.