13 Jun 2021


Are they covered by the 2nd amendment? Should they be regulated? What about open carry? Questions we fear to ask, lest we trample constitutional rights, but asking the questions is just opening a dialog. Right? Some things need to be brought out into the open. Mega blasters are proliferating at an unprecedented scale. We trust that the owners are level headed and responsible there is always the possibility that these weapons of mass saturation may get into the hands of […]

12 Jun 2021


Americans excel at some things. Leading the world and being so far out in front that it is hard to imagine anyone ever catching up. The things we excel at have changed over time. Maybe we aren’t the smartest, the most democratic, the most tolerant, the kindest, most equal, healthiest, leanest or the happiest bunch but we are exceptional at proliferating. We got stuff. Lottsa stuff. We got so much stuff we can’t fit it all in our attics, basements […]

11 Jun 2021


“Table for two, please. Just one menu, we’ll share.”

10 Jun 2021


Offices can be highly efficient. Heated, cooled, networked, centralized, hierarchical, governed and moderated. Most have a microwave for heating up last night’s leftovers. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Maybe some real cream and occasional donuts. They are designed for the daily grind with just the right amount of lumens from the cool white fluorescent lights to read what’s on paper and to see your computer screen. It’s all about focus and productivity. All designed to get the job done. America […]

09 Jun 2021


It’s so obvious. I wear one often. Why did I never make the connection before? What else am I missing? I’m embarrassed. Makes me want to withdraw back into my shell.

08 Jun 2021


A pile of picture machines. Aluminum, brass and glass with maybe an old mercury battery or two. Every one probably still works. No firmware upgrades needed. Just point and shoot. I’m finding my digitals have a far shorter lifespan. After about 15 years they pass on, go dark, give up the ghost, let you down. Chances are we’ll go more bionic in the years to come. Become semi-digital beings, part carbon-based, part silicon-based needing regular software and hardware upgrades. Such […]

07 Jun 2021


Who says plants can’t move around. There are sticks that can walk and are aptly named. They are called walking sticks (not to be confused with walking sticks). They have legs and everything (so they can walk!). Maybe they aren’t a plant. OK, they aren’t. They’re animals. Just like us. Well maybe not exactly like us, but close. Our skeletons are on the inside. But plants do move. They extend themselves. Ever see a poison ivy vine that climbed a […]

07 Jun 2021


I pass this sign every day and thought maybe for a joke, someone painted in the dot and the zero. But no, it’s real. It is warning us of a one lane bridge ahead. There is another sign just like it on the other side of the bridge warning drivers coming from that direction. It seems awfully precise. I don’t recall seeing other road signs that measure miles out in hundredths. There were a number of people who were involved […]

06 Jun 2021


It came zooming up behind me on the interstate. I changed lanes to let it pass . I thought it was on it’s way to a fire but it wasn’t roaring down the highway with lights and sirens blazing. It was a curious site and I fired off a shot. Sue wasn’t heading to a fire. She was on a different mission. Sue is part of a fleet of pink fire trucks that tour the country to raise awareness of […]

05 Jun 2021


Seeing is believing. So I believe what I see. Looks right to me.