09 Mar 2021


It’s become a traditional way to celebrate various events, movements and causes in Frenchtown. Get out the giant sticks of chalk and invite everyone to show up and lay down some sidewalk art. The chalkings may may last a couple weeks if the weather is dry or only a day if the rains come wash them away. It’s a way to be heard. No permits required.

08 Mar 2021


Camden NJ has a reputation. It isn’t too good. Like most cities there are areas that you may want to avoid. But it also has a lot of mural art. Many buildings are beautiful canvases. This little building takes it to a new level. It is a mosaic started in 2009 and it is still going, still being created. Google Street View has a function to show photos it has produced over the years. The earliest Street View of this […]

07 Mar 2021


Or is it matching sneakers? Nice coordination, either way. Some people have style. What kind of dog would you get to match your footwear? I would need different dogs for different occasions. When wearing my Red Wing work boots, a mastiff would look good. When I’m at home in my cushy slippers a golden retriever would be perfect.

06 Mar 2021


It was an art happening and a tourist attraction. GoCollaborative , a community organization in Stroudsburg, PA purchased a bunch of big styrofoam balls and gave them to artists to create snowmen. It calls the project Snowmen of Stroudsburg . When completed, the snowmen, snowwomen and other snow oddities were displayed around town. It was a community project, for the town itself and to attract visitors. It worked. It attracted us. I had never visited Stroudsburg before and this was […]

05 Mar 2021


Where do you go to get a head? School. That’s where the learning is. If you want to study heads you need to go to a head school (to get a headucation?). Heads are complicated things, very complicated. It is definitely better to learn about them before messing around with them.

04 Mar 2021


There’s a face there. A happy face. It reminds me of a 1930’s cartoon. I almost expect it to start whistling. It’s fun to see faces. We are human, we’re face-oriented. Faces are probably the first things we actually focus on. Check out a baby looking at a face she knows (mom!). It makes her happy. We often see faces in patterns like bark, clouds, potato chips and sometimes buildings. Some people see the Madonna. I used to do a […]

03 Mar 2021


This is the most comfortable bike I’ve seen. Totally laid back. Maybe you could even put a little motor on it and a drink holder. This looks so much more relaxing than sitting on a tiny seat hunched over curved handlebars with your feet clamped to the pedals. Or you could wrap the whole thing in a fiberglass shell and pretend you are a bullet train zipping down the highway. I bet going down hill is extra fun.

02 Mar 2021


What do you put out front of your house to display to neighbors and others passing by? Maybe something that reflects your values or style. Maybe you want to make a statement or simply dress up a little It’s up to you. Pink flamingos are always popular, along with hanging baby dolls and things nailed to trees. There could be a statement here. Something deeply symbolic and profound. Or maybe It is just stuff from the garage.

01 Mar 2021


If you put too many toys (or other stuff) in your bed there is no room to lay down. You may have to find a bench. I saw this scene from my window and realized I’d met this man a year before. The truck looked familiar. It was broken down in the library parking lot and I gave him a ride to town. I also took his picture. He has some rather unusual conspiracy theories. I printed out that picture […]

28 Feb 2021


As I rounded a corner one night, I spied a white figure emerging from the darkness. From where it came, I don’t know. I stopped and got out of my car and it stood gazing at me silently, its red eyes glowing. It sported a flashy red sash. It’s claws, or talons or hooks or whatever, were covered by oversize gloves. It was raining. I eased forward slightly and took a shot, not knowing if it could be captured by […]