11 Apr 2021


Rule 98 begins here. It’s a railroad thing. There are lots of rules to know. There is a 154 page book full of them for RR people to know, the NORAC Operating Rules. What the hell is rule 98?  “Movement on a track not governed by ABS, DCS or interlocking rules must be made at Restricted Speed.” But you probably already knew that.

10 Apr 2021


It was curious to see a bike rider walking his rig down the road, flying both Old Glory and the stars and bars. (This was pre-maga.). So I stopped to learn more. Clark told me he has been on the road for many years, travelling up and down the east coast as well as other parts of the country on his bike. Apparently he has mobile home up in New York and was on his was back there from Florida […]

09 Apr 2021


How did a submarine end up sunk in the mud along the banks of a river? Apparently it leaked. The USS Ling sits in muck along an undeveloped section of the Hackensack River. It had a brief career as a Navy vessel. It was commissioned in 1945 and decommissioned in 1946. Only one year of active duty as a war ship. I guess the demand for submarines dropped off pretty quickly after the Germans and Japanese surrendered. We don’t need […]

08 Apr 2021


Tiny can be famous. The White Manna diner in Hackensack (built in 1946) has been featured on a bunch of shows and even has it’s own Wikipedia entry. There is not much room, just one u-shaped counter and some micro kitchen space. It has the perfect diner aroma and sells hats, t-shirts and gift cards. Perfect wedding gifts. I didn’t see any white bread, though. But I did see a lot of potato rolls, which are yellow.

07 Apr 2021


Warning signs about children playing or deer are a lot more common than a sign like this. Those kinds of signs may be so common we may not notice them, but this one is a little different and probably gets attention. As the Boomer generation ages we’ll probably see more of these. We are a pretty mobile cohort. And 10 mph is an impressive pace for anyone, not just senior citizens. Who says older people are slow?

06 Apr 2021


You see it all the time. Big iron balls piled next to a cannon. Maybe they don’t explode like modern munitions but fired from a cannon you know that they can do some serious damage. Don’t try and catch one. For some reason, though, the cannon balls piled next to the them always seem to be way, way too big to fit. These balls are huge. Maybe small balls aren’t as impressive.

05 Apr 2021


“All I need is my ball.” There is nothing so soothing as chewing on a tennis ball. It’s one of those things that make life worth living, even (maybe especially!) as we age and become less frisky. When I have my ball the world is right.

04 Apr 2021


Easter is observed around the world. It coincides with spring (at least in the northern hemisphere). The time of rebirth and renewal. People celebrate in many different ways, both Christian and pre-Christian ways. There are a bunch of traditions. I did a little Googling to learn that the word Easter is reportedly derived from Eostre, the German goddess of spring and dawn. One of her symbols was a bunny which represented fertility, so having an Easter Bunny tradition makes sense. […]

03 Apr 2021


This is what happens when a bunny enters unseen into your molecular transporter. Your body is commandeered by the bunny molecules and begins coloring and hiding chicken eggs for no apparent reason. There is an urgent yearning to eat grass and find a companion of the opposite sex (nudge, nudge – wink, wink) Meanwhile your human head has shrunk and is attached to a bunny body which is a tasty morsel for all the free range carnivores about. The process […]

02 Apr 2021


He’s an OCR Street Minister preaching next to the highway in Flemington. That’s a bullet proof vest with a weather-proof, action camera attached. His 2-way radio mike is clipped to the right strap of his vest and a recorder mike clipped to the left. The pockets of the vest are filled with gizmos. But I don’t see a Glock. Maybe it’s in his car. Flemington is a dangerous place and you can’t be too careful. I might not have approached […]