01 Feb 2021
Ben's Mona Lisa Mask


Ben and Hanna run the Sunbeam General stores in Frenchtown and New Hope. We crossed paths on the sidewalk and I grabbed a shot. Ben said something about Mona Lisa smile but I wasn’t sure what he meant. I can be slow.

31 Jan 2021


One building, two owners, two homes. I feel like this was Photoshopped. Someone cleverly merging two photos of different houses. (I must spend too much time behind the computer.). But no it’s real. I browsed Google Street View and checked the earliest view available (2008). It looked like it was a two tone job, evern back then. Duplexes are like that. Each owner able to exercise her dominion over her side. What do you do when you neighbor has completely […]

30 Jan 2021


Gargoyles usually live on rooftops, crouching above us, surveying the world. But sometimes people capture one and make it a pet. Like most truly wild things, gargoyles can’t be domesticated. (Never keep them inside. ). They aren’t friendly and even the most docile need to be restrained. It’s not comfortable living with a heavy, cold metal chain around your neck. Better to let them free to perch on your roof.

29 Jan 2021


The coffee’s not cold. It’s nice and hot. The only thing hot outside on a cold, winter morning. Remember when going to the cafe with your laptop felt snuggly? When you could relax into a comfy chair with a latte and escape into your feed, spreadsheets or email? Maybe it’s not so bad outside breathing the crisp winter air. It wakes up your brain. Heated long johns would be nice, though.

28 Jan 2021


Alex is a mason’s helper. He and his team are building the ArtYard building in Frenchtown. I passed by the construction site often and see Alex hoisting 80 bags of cement, moving around piles of bricks and blocks and shoveling mountains of sand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s zero or 100°, Alex is working. He says he likes it.

23 Jan 2021


I was rolling down 611 in Nockamixon, PA, one autumn day and there besides the road was a simian salesman beckoning me. He was seeking my attention and I was happy to oblige. It looked like he was selling a yard. I didn’t really need a yard, plus I figured it wouldn’t fit in my car so I ask for a photo instead.

06 Apr 2020


It started with a Facebook message. A friend sent me a post about a photographer in Tennessee who spent an afternoon photographing her neighbors who were locked down. He suggested it would be a good project for Frenchtown. I thought it was a great idea and jumped on it, naming it The Porch Portrait Project. The project ran for about a week and 60 families took part, dogs included (and a few cats). The first step (after coming up with […]

02 Jan 2020
Photo of an upscale office building


Photography is a powerful medium. Good images influence the way people think and act. What is a good image for a business? It’s one that evokes a positive response. Below are a few questions to help you think through your photos and how they can benefit your business. Who do you serve? This of course is the first question every business should answer. Who we serve dictates how we communicate and our photos are all about communicating, sending our messages, […]

12 Nov 2019
The Community Kitchen at Mrs G Appliances


Debbie Schaeffer, owner of Mrs G Appliances in Lawrenceville knows how to tell her story. Not just the personal story about this third generation family-owned retail showroom, but also about how it continues to evolve, serve its customers and be an active part of the community. Every big box hardware store sells appliances but few (if any) offer innovation or a fulfilling customer experience like Mrs G. Debbie hosts events, offers cooking classes and has business gatherings in addition to […]

14 Oct 2019


Do your photos have punch? “Marketing is the difficult work of telling a story that resonates, of bringing a consistent set of promises to people who want to hear them.” Seth Godin. Business photography is marketing. It is telling a story with images. People look at photos before they read copy, so what we select to show makes a difference. Good photos attract attention. Boring photos are ignored. We want people to be surprised and delighted and draw them in. […]