21 Apr 2021


What flavor? Grape has a pretty bad rap. (We don’t want to go there.) Maybe cherry. No need to drive around in a school bus, though. It’s not as much fun. Not too many merry pranksters around. They’re retired and probably driving monster buses instead, camping in Walmart parking lots as they seasonally migrate between cold and warm climates. I’d love to see a monster bus with a colorful paint job. It might tell us something about the operators

20 Apr 2021


Pat has a thriving business washing windows throughout Frenchtown and other locations. He is independent, efficient, reliable and subtle. The storefronts in town glisten but you don’t often see Pat at work. He works quickly. But, sometimes you hear him. Well, not him (he’s quiet). You hear his chorus, his soundtrack on the days that Pat enjoys “Take Your Dogs to Work Day.” The dogs enjoy it, too. They wait comfortably in the truck announcing their presence and reaching out […]

19 Apr 2021


I don’t know if fish bite better in the fog, but who cares. Fishing isn’t always about catching fish. The fog was so thick on Lake Nockamixon very early one morning that you couldn’t see the water. I walked around to check it out and happened upon someone who got there before me. He was comfortably relaxed with two poles in the water waiting for a perch or a bass to take the bait. A union carpenter his whole life […]

18 Apr 2021


Most posters in found hanging waiting rooms are painfully generic. A lot of times they are about the business you are visiting or maybe a well-worn motivational quote. “There’s always a rainbow at the end of the ally by the dumpster.” (No doubt you’ve heard that one many times.) I recently visited my local phlebotomist and I noticed a small poster on the wall. I looked closer and saw it was a group photo with cheerful message from the staff.

17 Apr 2021


This could be good or bad. When you are cold you want to be warm. You may want to be warm so badly that you are willing to resort to stealing wood. It is clear what happens to people who steal. They get warm. It’s interesting how this works out.

16 Apr 2021


I came across a field of nothing but fragments. Pieces left behind following multiple shooting sprees. Hunters, gun enthusiasts having blasted them out of the sky. It is considered to be acceptable. There are even places, like the location I visited, where things are all set up to facilitate the shooting. I doubt anyone is especially worried about it. There are more where these came from. It is unlikely that they will go extinct.

15 Apr 2021


Archie is locally famous. If you ever walked the aisles of ShopRite in Flemington (especially the meat and produce sections) you know of Archie. He was ShopRite’s ambassador and seemed to know everyone, especially the ladies. Archie is still around, but COVID forced him into retirement in his nineties. There have been plenty of articles and some news specials about him. (Even a blog or two.) My guess is that he is still vibrant and full of life bringing his […]

14 Apr 2021


A few cups of delicious coffee at the counter of a classic diner. Plain white cups and saucers. Rich brown coffee and a little cream (real cream). Far different from the dripped coffee you may have at home or the stuff they call coffee at work. Sitting at a diner watching the buzz around you. Not rushing. Would you like eggs with that? It’s a memory and an aspiration.

13 Apr 2021


Some men chop down trees, swinging a sharp ax again and again, chipping away at the trunk until it breaks and the tree comes crashing down. Some use a saw, sometimes a two-man saw, drawing it back and forth, back and forth, slowly grinding into the tree trunk until it is completely severed and topples over. Most use a motorized saw, tearing voraciously into the tree, motor screaming and fumes spewing. And then there are some who shred, reducing the […]

12 Apr 2021


Google doesn’t let us know when the Google Street car will be cruising our neighborhoods updating its Street View photos. It also doesn’t try to be inconspicuous when it is out cruising. It’s not hard to guess what this car with a camera on top is doing. When I looked out my studio window one day and saw the car driving down Bridge Street, I rushed out to chase it (pocket camera in hand). The driver had stopped for some […]