Pocketkamera Stories

02 Jul 2018


Does anyone like filling out time sheets and the struggle to keep jobs within budget along with the pressure to minimize non billable hours? For years I work as a consultant in engineering firms and the process of filling out a time sheet could be an agonizing task.  What did I do all day?  All week? At the beginning of every new time period I’d start out with the best intentions only to see my diligence fade as the week […]

29 Jun 2018


Which perspective is better. yours or mine? When I produce content about my business, should I be providing information I want to put out there or should I be putting out information you want to see? Unless I’m an artist or a writer making a statement, I’d have to say your perspective trumps mine.  If you don’t want to see what I publish about myself then there is really no point in putting it out there. Less is best.  Most […]

28 Jun 2018
26 Jun 2018


You do not need to teach kids to be mindful, to know life as it really is.  Just don’t unteach them. Give ’em a sit.  They will be there.

24 Jun 2018


There are two sides to a story, an explanation or a sales pitch, you and the listener. We have much to share and talk about.  We have tons of details about our product, our plan or our service but what does the listener want to hear?

23 Jun 2018


It can be easy to think the whole world is going down hill if you read or listen to any national media. But it isn’t.  Not here, not locally, not where we live. And we are not unique.  Communities around the globe are actively and eagerly improving,  growing and evolving in better and better ways every year.  I know I see it all around me. As a photographer I’m often asked to photograph local events from ribbon cuttings to hackathons.  […]

21 Jun 2018


How long have people been standing stones?

21 Jun 2018

Morphing Headshots

One of my clients came up with an interesting idea. Instead of a static website banner, a slide show or a simple dissolve how about a series of people morphing into each other? I checked with several fellow videographers who had no idea how to do this. So… research, research research and voila. Figuring things out is always satisfying. It’s human nature to want to push the envelope and learn new things.

20 Jun 2018

Seth Godin

If you’re interested in marketing and general helpful information about thriving as a professional then chances are you are already well aware of Seth Godin and likely have visited his blog, Seth.blog.  It’s a quick daily read and always well worth it. Seth’s blog is probably one of the most read blogs in the world and if you simply type “Seth” into Google, he often comes up first on the first page.  But Seth doesn’t knock himself out on social […]

04 May 2018


The Hunterdon Places Photo Project shoot, April 21 and 22nd, has resulted in a wonderful body of work by the 90 participating photographers.  Each of them embraced the spirit of the project, went out and captured images and collectively submitted 384 photos.  These photos show us who we are, here, in Hunterdon County, now, in early 2018. Pretty cool! One photograph from each photographer was selected to be part of the print exhibitions on May 26-27 at Brokaw Photography (12:00-5:00 […]