Pocketkamera Stories

02 Mar 2021


What do you put out front of your house to display to neighbors and others passing by? Maybe something that reflects your values or style. Maybe you want to make a statement or simply dress up a little It’s up to you. Pink flamingos are always popular, along with hanging baby dolls and things nailed to trees. There could be a statement here. Something deeply symbolic and profound. Or maybe It is just stuff from the garage.

01 Mar 2021


If you put too many toys (or other stuff) in your bed there is no room to lay down. You may have to find a bench. I saw this scene from my window and realized I’d met this man a year before. The truck looked familiar. It was broken down in the library parking lot and I gave him a ride to town. I also took his picture. He has some rather unusual conspiracy theories. I printed out that picture […]

28 Feb 2021


As I rounded a corner one night, I spied a white figure emerging from the darkness. From where it came, I don’t know. I stopped and got out of my car and it stood gazing at me silently, its red eyes glowing. It sported a flashy red sash. It’s claws, or talons or hooks or whatever, were covered by oversize gloves. It was raining. I eased forward slightly and took a shot, not knowing if it could be captured by […]

27 Feb 2021


Did you ever return to your parked car to find a scratch or a dent? It’s awful. Your car is now damaged but it wasn’t your fault and the culprit drove off. It probably has happened to all of us at some point. It has happened to me. I wonder if there was something I could have done. Maybe parked differently or in a different spot. But by the time I’m thinking these thoughts, the damage was done. Sometime REAL […]

26 Feb 2021


No, it’s not a zombie wandering about in the daylight. It’s withdraw and push. In China people get up and out early to do tai chi together. You can always tell where people practice in the park. All the grass is worn down. Around here people usually do it inside somewhere. but not always. Parking lots are great and tai chi is done standing up so you don’t need a mat.

25 Feb 2021


I thought this was curious. A topsy-turvy, pumpkin-headed dummy. I thought maybe it was just a quirky decoration or maybe it fell over, but apparently it has a deeper meaning. As I looked closer at the photo I could see the words “TAX RETURN” on the front cover of the papers. A pumpkin headed dummy with a tax return in its grasp. I think we were being sent a message.

24 Feb 2021


Tom retired from his engineering work and decided to tackle the Appalachian trail. Being the engineering type he took a pragmatic approach and began training long before attempting the big hike. Every day he loads up his pack and heads into the hills for a multi-mile day hike, no matter how wet or foggy the weather or his glasses. Hiking is hard in many ways. It’s not just the physical part. That is easy compared to the mental part. You […]

23 Feb 2021


For several days, I arrived at the studio and saw a police car parked outside. I thought maybe it was a speed trap. It could have been a stake out, but that never occured to me (no one does a stake out in a police car). Curiosity got the best of me and I approached the car to see what was going on. I could tell from a distance there was someone inside. Well, no need to worry. Everything was […]

22 Feb 2021


Did you ever feel like someone was looking into your head and determining what you think? Last year I heard about a campaign bus tour that was scheduling a stop in Hazelton PA. I thought it would be interesting to take a road trip to get some shots. It was a lovely, cold, rainy day but that didn’t matter, my pocket camera is waterproof and I have a raincoat. There was a small crowd gathered on the corner when the […]

20 Feb 2021


Maybe clearing a sidewalk isn’t a test of character but then again, maybe it is. During the fall, I met Steve out in front of the Art Yard’s Residency clearing leaves not only from the yard and sidewalk but also from the gutter along the street. No one else does that. Come the snows of February and I find Steve applying the same level of thoroughness. Instead of just digging a narrow footpath, he clears the entire sidewalk including the […]