Pocketkamera Stories

13 Mar 2021


There is something satisfying about walking in the middle of the road. You own it. It’s fun. It’s doing something your really aren’t supposed to do. Before cars dominated our lives, we could walk anywhere without much fear of being creamed by a speeding hunk of metal. Horses and mules that pulled our carts and carriages did not particularly want to crash into us. They had eyes and could make decisions about when to stop or veer. The original self-driving […]

12 Mar 2021


You can tell where you are, even if your eyes are closed. It’s the smell of chemicals. It is amazing how many products are produced and sold whose sole purpose is to kill. Many of the labels boast about the product’s killing power. And they come in such nice, brightly colored packages.

11 Mar 2021


It’s a sign behind a sign. Somebody is telling someone something. I wondered if it was written by a long distance hitchhiker hitting a patch of bad weather, but that is probably not likely. I don’t think hitchhikers carry spray paint. Who is this message for? It is strategically located at a stop light where people will pause and have time to read it (if they are not checking their cell phones). So maybe it’s for us, the traveling public. […]

10 Mar 2021


Drones aren’t a novelty anymore. Nearly 900,000 drones are registered with the FFA, about 400.00 for commercial use and about 500,000 for recreational use. They are eyes in the sky. (And we thought satellite photos were intrusive). The trajectory from model airplanes to computer-guided quadracopters is astounding. I’m looking forward to the day that they are big enough to carry me and I can use it to commute.

09 Mar 2021


It’s become a traditional way to celebrate various events, movements and causes in Frenchtown. Get out the giant sticks of chalk and invite everyone to show up and lay down some sidewalk art. The chalkings may may last a couple weeks if the weather is dry or only a day if the rains come wash them away. It’s a way to be heard. No permits required.

08 Mar 2021


Camden NJ has a reputation. It isn’t too good. Like most cities there are areas that you may want to avoid. But it also has a lot of mural art. Many buildings are beautiful canvases. This little building takes it to a new level. It is a mosaic started in 2009 and it is still going, still being created. Google Street View has a function to show photos it has produced over the years. The earliest Street View of this […]

07 Mar 2021


Or is it matching sneakers? Nice coordination, either way. Some people have style. What kind of dog would you get to match your footwear? I would need different dogs for different occasions. When wearing my Red Wing work boots, a mastiff would look good. When I’m at home in my cushy slippers a golden retriever would be perfect.

06 Mar 2021


It was an art happening and a tourist attraction. GoCollaborative , a community organization in Stroudsburg, PA purchased a bunch of big styrofoam balls and gave them to artists to create snowmen. It calls the project Snowmen of Stroudsburg . When completed, the snowmen, snowwomen and other snow oddities were displayed around town. It was a community project, for the town itself and to attract visitors. It worked. It attracted us. I had never visited Stroudsburg before and this was […]

05 Mar 2021


Where do you go to get a head? School. That’s where the learning is. If you want to study heads you need to go to a head school (to get a headucation?). Heads are complicated things, very complicated. It is definitely better to learn about them before messing around with them.

04 Mar 2021


There’s a face there. A happy face. It reminds me of a 1930’s cartoon. I almost expect it to start whistling. It’s fun to see faces. We are human, we’re face-oriented. Faces are probably the first things we actually focus on. Check out a baby looking at a face she knows (mom!). It makes her happy. We often see faces in patterns like bark, clouds, potato chips and sometimes buildings. Some people see the Madonna. I used to do a […]