02 May 2021


I feel like I’ ve seen this guy before. I don’t know where. He just looks so familiar. I saw him at the Quickie Mart buying Red Bull and Red Man. He didn’t say anything when I took his picture. He just kind of looked at me. He was driving an old F-250 and carrying the Sunday NY Times.

01 May 2021


Just throw your head back and let go.

30 Apr 2021


Masking started slowly. Very early in the pandemic I saw someone in the city wearing one. At a certain point I decided I should wear one, too. I’d never worn mask to go food shopping. The first time I did, I felt conspicuous. Very few other people were wearing one. Within a couple of weeks it became mandatory. No mask, no food shopping. These photos are from April 30, 2020. Happy anniversary. The number of people in the store was […]

29 Apr 2021


I didn’t try it but it says it works. I remember the last time I made a call with a pay phone. It was a while ago. I called home which was only about 5 miles away. I didn’t have a pocket of change so I called collect and talked for less than a minute. It cost $14. I am glad I did not talk for an hour.

28 Apr 2021


Musicians love good acoustics. Paul Winter is famous for playing his sax in locations that enhance his music like canyons and St Paul the Divine in New York City. Philadelphia offers some great locations for haunting music too. There is a traffic tunnel between the Convention Center and Reading Market, where I heard the theme from Stars Wars echoing. I followed the music and came upon a flute player, playing for tips. Buskers are usually pretty open to being photographed […]

27 Apr 2021


You can’t do this in a grocery store. Carts there are reserved for food, dry goods and kids. Kids don’t shed and most of them don’t bite (unless provoked) so they are deemed safer to bring into a foodstore. Aptly named Q Tip, loves his shopping excursions. He’s got his bed, bones and blanket and I bet he’d be wearing pajamas if he had a set he liked. Not only does he get to browse hardware (always a fun time) […]

26 Apr 2021


They are a little like cats. You can’t herd them. When you take them out, you need to strap them together so you can tow them where you want to go. They do it differently in Australia where they have really smart dogs.

25 Apr 2021


I have a collection of small, instant coffee jars filled with obsolete nuts and bolts. The jars and hardware were my grandfather’s. I inherited them a few decades ago. Grandma and grandpa must have drunk a lot of instant coffee. It was pretty big back in the sixties and seventies. Pretty awful, too. Maybe it’s gotten better. I don’t know. I never touch the stuff. I drink better coffee as instructed.

24 Apr 2021


I love this color of blue. It’s a treat to see patches of it in some lawns here and there and along the road. It’s bugleweed (genus Ajuga). Around here it is a perennial, blooming for a month or so in the spring and then going incognito. Sometimes it goes native, growing out in the wild on its own. It is known to lower certain hormones in the body and is used by some people to treat mildly overactive thyroids.

23 Apr 2021


An acorn is an oak tree waiting to grow. Oak trees can be very productive some years, raining down abundant amounts of acorns with the potential to create entire forests. A healthy oak can produce up to a billion acorns (1,000,000,000) over the course of its life. That’s productive. Not all billion acorns will end up as full grown trees, though. If they did, we’d be a happy, tree-filled planet. Acorns are a feast for a wide range of beings […]