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21 Nov 2017


The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce celebrated business leaders in the county at its annual awards breakfast.  Hearing about these businesses and individuals is always inspiring.  These businesses are making a difference in the lives of many people from their employees to the people they serve and to the Hunterdon County community.  It is always a pleasure to attend these events and photograph the recipients.

Governmental Award winner Clinton Township Mayor John Higgins

Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner Tom Bay of Anitas Angles

Good Neighbor Award winner Kim Bland of Hunterdon Healthcare

Most Promising New Business Award Winners Chris Rafino and
Executive Chef Melissa Murphy Rafino of Sweet Melissa Patisserie

Tell Me More Award Winner Larry Cartwright, Host of Hunterdon Chamber Radio
“Mental Health Matters” and “The Hunterdon Medical Center Show”

Fresh Talk Award Winner, Lauren Feliciano, Host of Hunterdon Chamber Radio
“La salud Mental Importa”

Special Recognition Award Winner Sue Dziamara of the County of Hunderdon

Amazing Kids in Business Award Winner David Lazar Owner of Drive 4 Five

Amazing Kids in Business Award Winner Veronica Romanek of Piano Lessons by Veronica

Amazing Kids in Business Award Winner Jack Garanzini Owner of Slabrication

16 Nov 2017


The Board of Directors for the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation gathered at the Large House in Flemington recently to “play.”

They played “Outta This World,” a board game designed to awaken creativity and innovation, which was created by the Hudicka family based in Hunterdon County.  It was an interesting evening photographing and video recording some of the county’s business leaders engaged and enjoying a free flow of energy.


“Outta This World! is our patent pending brainstorm game, which challenges players to transform a set of randomly selected criteria into world changing products or experiences.” explained Joe Hudicka (https://www.fizzeelabs.com/).“The objective of the game is to demonstrate your ability to think out of the box, clearly pitch your ideas and bring in $100 Billion through your competitors investing in you!”


After the fun and games Joe led a discussion among the board members and it was fun seeing new and creative ideas emerged about growing and expanding the Foundation.  I think everyone won.


15 Nov 2017


Life accelerates as we grow.  The Hunterdon Harmonizers, who are launching yet another production with zest and zeal, asked if I could come an do some PR shots for them as they rehearse for their upcoming show.  It was fun being with them and being bowled over by their enthusiasm.  These are not the kind of guys who sit around at night vegging in front of their TVs but instead get out, get together and squeeze every moment out of life.

I’d love to join them but there is a very good reason I’m a photographer and not a singer! (Just ask the clown.)


13 Nov 2017


Johnny Haritos is a Frenchtown based artist, best know for his drawings of rock stars that are signed by the rockers.  Johnny with an eye for light, color and shape also produces pleasing and interesting photographs.

I photographed him on B&W film at his recent show at Freedom Art & Music.  I really enjoyed seeing his work.

Freedom Art & Music is like a lot of local galleries, offering a venue for local artists and serving as a draw for visitors looking for original art at affordable prices.  I try and make it to as many openings as I can.  I like supporting local galleries.  Just being there matters.  Our local galleries are our culture.…

10 Nov 2017
Archie Fagan and Sue Lang Saponara

29th Hunterdon County Business & Home Expo & Restaurant Showcase

Food, food, food, from soup to pie 

Archie Fagan, here with Sue Lang Saponara from Flemington Shop Rite, along with the rest of the Shop Rite crew were a big part of this year’s  Hunterdon County Business & Home Expo & Restaurant Showcase.  There were plenty of vendors and businesses to explore all day and topped off with delicious dishes and desserts from participating restaurants.

More photos on Facebook at Brokaw Photography

27 Oct 2017


Trees Water Stone is a collaborative art event celebrating Solstice in Frenchtown. The intent is to bring artists and photographers together to display and sell their work and enjoy themselves.

Brokaw Photography Studio, Freedom Art and Music Gallery and Joe Ressarts Strasser Art are hosting works by artists and photographers that have a Solstice theme.  The event will happen Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd with an artists/photographers reception Saturday evening.  All three sites are within short walking distance of each other in Frenchtown.   Brokaw Photography will host black and white photos depicting the Trees Water Stone theme.  Freedom Art and Music Gallery and Joe Ressarts Strasser art will host artwork.  There will also be a

Solstice bonfire  roaring at Joe’s!

(click here for interactive Google Map)

Photographers are invited to submit their work to Brokaw Photography for consideration as part of the event.  There are no fees or commissions and all work can be available for sale by the photographers.

Here are the criteria for photography:

All photographs must be in black and white
The photos should celebrate the Earth
Photos of Trees, Water and Stone are encouraged
Unframed, matted or flush mounted photos are preferred over framed pieces
Photographers will hang their work during the week before the show using 3M Command strips
(No hooks or nails)
Photos should be submitted for consideration via email before November 20th
Photos will be juried for inclusion in the show

This is all for love of photography, the Earth and the fun of being part of a collective art event.


04 Sep 2017


Frenchtown enjoyed two simultaneous events Labor Day Weekend that perfectly exemplified the envision-plan-implement process.

A local art and performance venue, Art Yard, provided a street parade of colorfully dressed bird people, while the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association held its Riverfest event, celebrating the town, the arts and the river.  Both were a vision of the organizers who planned and implemented their events flawlessly and with joy exhibiting the perfect model for any business.   Think it, plan it, do it!

It was delightful and inspiring to see the ecology flags lining the street and waving in the breeze.  It inspired a vision for me.  I wanted to emulate the glorious, flag-waving scene from Les Mis, palnned out what I wanted to do and struck out to find my photo.  I wrangled Mike Tyksinski, the coordinator of Riverfest into being my subject, and we took over the street to create the image. Mike was the perfect subject and waved the flag with gusto.

It is always so satisfying to see a vision implemented, whether it’s a photo, an event or an entire business.  It keeps us going with enthusiasm.  A couple more photos photos below.



03 Aug 2017
Riverfest Vikings


Branding an event is as important as branding your business.  What’s it all about?  How do you get people to attend?  By having fun.

Every year, Frenchtown NJ, a Delaware River town and my home base, has an end of summer event call Riverfest.  It is fun but was never especially distinctive.  Two years ago some guys started dressing up like Vikings and created an event within the event called the Paper Boat Races.  Kids make paper boats, drift them down the river and see which one wins.  Simple and fun.  The Vikings moderate it and all the spectators can see the race from the bridge.

Just by being fun, goofy and original, the Riverfest Vikings became a favorite part of the day for everyone.  I am a big supporter of Frenchtown and thought it would be great to use the love of the Riverfest Vikings to brand the festival, so I got them together for a photoshoot.  First some high school-style headshots in the studio then a group shot by the river.  We used a green screen so we can clip and insert backgrounds later.

Once we got the shot down by the river it seemed like a great time to up the ante and spontaneously do a video.  So I sent them into the river, gave them their lines and let them work their magic. It’s a short clip and the guys are hilarious.  I think we’ve successfully branded the spirit of Riverfest.