Category : Photo Stories

14 Feb 2021


It was a foggy, late fall morning. The sun creating beams of light through the thin veil. I turn to see a woman out for a morning run and heard men talking. Where were those voices coming from? Was she listening to talk radio? Couldn’t be, who carries speaker when they run? Then emerging form the fog came a small peloton of riders chatting away as if they were hanging around drinking coffee.

13 Feb 2021


For some reason (maybe because it is just too much fun) people with unlicensed four wheelers take to the public roads whenever it snows. Makes sense. No cops around and even if there were they couldn’t chase you. If we get a good snow, they take it to the next level and our roads become their playgrounds. No cars allowed.

12 Feb 2021


Cool blue and warm amber. The magic moment comes each morning and evening when the warm brightness of building lights matches the cool brightness of the ambient light. It makes being inside looks comfy.

11 Feb 2021


Digging out the church after a delivery of winter weather, Pastor Peter keeps the path open for his Frenchtown United Methodist flock. But that’s just one flock. There is another one up the hill he ministers. As church attendance shrink, pastors are doubling up tending multiple congregations. After 30 years in the corporate world before turning less worldly, Pastor Peter is not intimidated by mergers.

10 Feb 2021


This photo should be in black and white making it a bit timeless. It reminds me of old timey photos of the town. I don’t see any horse-drawn carts, though.

09 Feb 2021


EJ like to wear his fireman’s turnout gear whenever it snows and make the rounds to help clear driveways and sidewalks. His help is always welcomed.

08 Feb 2021


If you have a sidewalk it’s a ritual. The white stuff falls from the sky, piles up, gets slippery and we big, flat-footed animals aren’t the best at walking on it. So we move it and melt it. Maybe we should have boots and shoe with claws for precarious footing.

07 Feb 2021


The county workers may not always like the tasks they are given but they do their best. One never knows when one may need to drive into the river so it’s good to clear the snow. Who knows, maybe someone needs to drive out

06 Feb 2021


I’m always up for a good night shot when it’s snowing and was out getting wet when a beacon of light came down the sidewalk out of the dark. It was EJ, equipped for night duty. It doesn’t snow just during the day and EJ knows that it’s the best time to get out and start pushing the white stuff off the sidewalk.

05 Feb 2021
Garage Sale


This place has been for sale for quite a while. Looks like a steal to me. It is a bit of a fixer-upper but comes with a ladder, so what are people waiting for?