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26 Jul 2017
Environmental Headshot

Interesting Headshots

Headshots are, of course, a staple of business.  People expect to see a current version and get a sense of who you are.  Headshots are typically done in a studio, which certainly works well, but may sometimes be a little less original than the person being photographed.  Your headshot should do you justice!

Studio style headshots are great when large teams of people need to be photographed and consistency is important.  They can be done more quickly and efficiently when all the lighting and backdrops are the same.  They can also be reproduced more easily if new employees come on board later and need the exact same style of headshot.

Environmental Headshot

Whenever possible, I like to encourage clients to consider creating headshots in a business-oriented environment rather than a studio.  This is especially valuable when the business offers some interesting eye candy to serve as a backdrop.  Environmental headshots can be visually interesting and when done well, engage the viewer more than a simple studio portrait.  Environmental headshots can also tell a story and put you in context.  This helps “brand” you for the services or products you offer.

So when it is time to update your headshot consider getting out of the studio.  If you want a choice, then do both.  Get the safe shot in the studio then reach a little deeper and try something different.