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24 Nov 2017


I admire people with vision.    Over just a few days last week, Patricia Walsh Collins and Susan Joy Rosetty transformed an empty storefront into a thriving store called the “Art of Sprit Local.”  I had just photographed the space to help market it, so  am happy to see it rented.

When I saw how quickly and creatively, Susan and Patricia decorated the store and arranged all the merchandise I was thoroughly impressed.  I asked Patricia how they were able to take an empty space and turned into a beautiful store in just a few days.  She said that’s just what she does. “I see the big picture and then work backwards,” she said.

I call it vision.

The Art of Spirit Local is a collective gallery located at 34 Bridge Street in Frenchtown.  It displays and offers for sale a wide range of items from paintings and photos to clothing.  Everything is created by local artists. It will only be a here a few weeks, for the holiday season.

Naturally, I had to get an after picture to go with the before photo.


19 Oct 2017


I don’t often think of the visual graphic appeal of sewage treatment plants.

Actually, I don’t really think of sewage treatment very often, but recently, when on assignment photographing this facility I couldn’t help but notice its visual elegance.

Everything at a treatment plant is designed for a purpose and within this design is a kind of graphic beauty.

I always enjoy photographing engineered structures. Especially when the light is awesome.  Ideally, it works as well as it looks.



28 Jul 2017
Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate

Large open interior areas can be tricky to photograph.  In fact, any interior area with large windows can be difficult.  No matter what time of day or night there are very, very few moments when the outside light matches in the inside light.

In some cases this can be solved by adding light (e.g. big flash units).  But sometimes, especially when it is a large open area, like the commercial space pictured above, there is no place to put the lights so they are out of sight and still evenly illuminate the whole area.

That’s the time for innovation! We’ve developed techniques that allow us to go beyond available light photography and create lighting that enhances the scene and makes the space inviting.

If you have commercial space to photograph, take the next step to illustrate how great it is by using enhanced lighting techniques.  For more information just reach out to us.  We’d love to hear from you.  Bill@BrokawPhoto.com