Monthly Archives: January 2020

28 Jan 2020


Few of us feel that we know what our “look” is unless we are a public figure. But we really do know. It’s a look that expresses us. When most people come to the studio for a professional headshot, they know they want something that works for them even if they can’t articulate it. A photo is a form of communication and a professional headshot is exactly that. It’s saying this is me and I’m ready to work with you […]

02 Jan 2020
Photo of an upscale office building


Photography is a powerful medium. Good images influence the way people think and act. What is a good image for a business? It’s one that evokes a positive response. Below are a few questions to help you think through your photos and how they can benefit your business. Who do you serve? This of course is the first question every business should answer. Who we serve dictates how we communicate and our photos are all about communicating, sending our messages, […]