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Summer on the Delaware 2018
Photo Project

You are invited to be part of our summer of 2018 photo project.

Simply take great summer photos of life on the Delaware and submit them.  Your favorite photo will be printed and mounted for you (up to 5 can be submitted).

A selection of the best photos will be exhibited as part of Frenchtown's "Riverfest Celebration" at the end of the summer.  This celebration draws thousands of people and is one of the best festivals of the year.

Every photo submitted will be published in an on-line gallery that features the work of each individual photographer.

Here is are the galleries created for the Hunterdon Places photographers: 


Your participation will also help the local food pantry benefiting more than just us.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Photos need to be taken between July 1st and  August 14th 2018 anywhere along the mighty Delaware River
  • The deadline for file submission is AUGUST 14th
  • Files need to be named properly: YOUR NAME-PHOTO TITLE.jpg  *
  • The Delaware River must be visible in your photos and include a person or people (or a reasonable facsimile of people like Michael Flood's great photo from last year)  **
  • No Text or Watermarks on the photos
  • Excessive Photoshopping with filters is discouraged but manipulation and humor are welcome

* Example of a proper file name: Michael Flood-Trooper Tuber.jpg

**  Model releases are not needed unless you plan to sell your photo

The project entry fee is $29 per set of 5 photos which will be used make a big, 12x18 inch mounted print of your favortire shot. The print is yours to keep after the exhibition.

$5 will be donated to the Frenchtown Food Pantry for every entry.

Project Fee - $29 per set of up to 5 photos

Your project fee will be used to:
--Pay for printing and mounting of a 12"x18" photo of one of your images and,
--A $5 cash donation to the Frenchtown Food pantry.

Photo Submission Form