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"We do not make photographs with our cameras. We make them with our minds, with our hearts, with our ideas."   Arnold Newman

10 Nov 2020

Why Headshots?

Seriously. What’s all this fuss about having profile photos and headshots? Does it really matter? I guess that depends on how you think about it. Most of us probably think our headshot is simply a version of that face we see in the mirror. Maybe not when we first wake up but after we’ve tidied up a bit. Ya know, it’s just a face. Right? Sort of. Yes, it is a face (often an entire head) but it’s more than […]

06 Apr 2020


It started with a Facebook message. A friend sent me a post about a photographer in Tennessee who spent an afternoon photographing her neighbors who were locked down. He suggested it would be a good project for Frenchtown. I thought it was a great idea and jumped on it, naming it The Porch Portrait Project. The project ran for about a week and 60 families took part, dogs included (and a few cats). The first step (after coming up with […]

28 Jan 2020


Few of us feel that we know what our “look” is unless we are a public figure. But we really do know. It’s a look that expresses us. When most people come to the studio for a professional headshot, they know they want something that works for them even if they can’t articulate it. A photo is a form of communication and a professional headshot is exactly that. It’s saying this is me and I’m ready to work with you […]

02 Jan 2020
Photo of an upscale office building


Photography is a powerful medium. Good images influence the way people think and act. What is a good image for a business? It’s one that evokes a positive response. Below are a few questions to help you think through your photos and how they can benefit your business. Who do you serve? This of course is the first question every business should answer. Who we serve dictates how we communicate and our photos are all about communicating, sending our messages, […]

12 Nov 2019
The Community Kitchen at Mrs G Appliances


Debbie Schaeffer, owner of Mrs G Appliances in Lawrenceville knows how to tell her story. Not just the personal story about this third generation family-owned retail showroom, but also about how it continues to evolve, serve its customers and be an active part of the community. Every big box hardware store sells appliances but few (if any) offer innovation or a fulfilling customer experience like Mrs G. Debbie hosts events, offers cooking classes and has business gatherings in addition to […]

14 Oct 2019


Do your photos have punch? “Marketing is the difficult work of telling a story that resonates, of bringing a consistent set of promises to people who want to hear them.” Seth Godin. Business photography is marketing. It is telling a story with images. People look at photos before they read copy, so what we select to show makes a difference. Good photos attract attention. Boring photos are ignored. We want people to be surprised and delighted and draw them in. […]

13 Aug 2019


This is my long form “About page.” A micro-memoir.

I was born here on earth and have lived here pretty much my whole life (except that one time in college). I’m a boomer, old enough to remember some stuff during the sixties and young enough to have missed the draft. It’s good to be here, now. Life is interesting and full of growth.

I’ve always loved taking pictures. It’s both an art and a profession for me. When we were little and turned 10, my folks bought each of us kids a Kodak Instamatic. I was excited to get mine after my brother and sister got theirs.

I specialized in photographing pretty much anything that was visible, from nature to people. My first formal portraits were of my 5th grade classmates. I also did a lot of pet photography. It was only one pet, though, my dog.

By high school I managed to get my hands on a 35 mm camera and built a darkroom in the basement. I soon learned that if you were on the newspaper or yearbook, you could get free film and paper which was great. I also got lots of assignments; clubs, sports, student life and portraits

The best part about assignments is that you are photographing with a purpose. You use your skills to get the best quality and your creative juices to get shots are cool and tell the story, that serve the purpose. The majority of my work has always been for others to see and to use. I’m reluctant to call myself an artist. I’m a photographer,and when I do my best work, it rises to the level of art.

I followed the scientific side of my nature when deciding what to study in college and earned a B.S. in environmental technology at Florida Institute of Technology. We did a ton of field work which was great. I love science. It’s all about careful, objective observation (just like photography).

While in college I hopped on the yearbook staff, became the editor-in-chief and pretty much earned a second degree in photography.

Producing a book every year was always quite a project. I know I spent a lot of time shooting, cranking out prints in the darkroom and laying out pages. I was the project manager and totally accountable. If I did not do my job it wasn’t just a bad grade.

It was awesome. I loved it. Doing photography, managing project and producing books was rewarding and satisfying.

Fast forward to life after collage and a full life. I initially spent a few years working for newspapers and then became an environment consultant while running a wedding photo business on the weekends. I had two thriving careers.

Being an environment consultant taught me a lot of discipline and project management skills. It also kept me at the leading edge of technology, which helped me keep my photography business up to speed as use of computers grew, the Internet emerged and we migrated to digital cameras.

Having a consulting career as an anchor was perfect for growing a family. My wife and I built a home in the county and raised two girls who’ve both become scientists in their own right. The world certainly needs good scientists.

Being part of a company and having health and disability benefits came in quite handy when I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002. Treatment was brutal, but successful and I can now say I’m a veteran of the war on cancer. Scarred but still kickin’. It slowed my down for a spell but I never stopped shooting.

After 20 years of the duel careers, the consulting side slipped away in 2008 during the great recession when I was happily laid off. By that time I had opened a studio in Frenchtown and was shifting from weddings to business photography. Launching a full time business at the beginning of a recession took dedication and commitment. You either make it of you don’t.

Upon becoming a full time photography business I joined several chambers of commerce, a BNI networking group and Frenchtown’s Business and Professional Association. I quickly learned the value of being part of the business community. It is very rewarding. We are all in this together.

For my part I started a photography group, conveniently called The Photographers Group (photographers.group). We meet monthly and do projects together to document our world. Our most recent project was called Hunterdon Retail. 50 photographers participated in photographing locally-owned retail stores in Hunterdon, exhibiting their images at the Red Mill Historic Village and creating a historic archive of all the images (over 400). It was a collective effort to benefit the photographers, the local businesses, the Red Mill and to grow awareness of our group.

My role as a business photographer is also mutually beneficial, to support myself and to communicate about my clients. To tell the world their stories with high quality photos and video. To create images that generate a positive emotional response on the part of the viewer

One of my favorite films is a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi . Jiro is a 93 sushi master who embodies the spirit of shokunin, the mastery of one’s profession. Jiro’s highest purpose is to get better at making and serving sushi and he is already one of the best sushi chefs in the world. I watch the film often.

I expect to be doing what I do indefinitely, as long as I have a camera and client. Just like Jiro I want to get better at what I do and share it. I even keep a camera in my pocket at all times and constantly look for photos to shoot an process. Practice, practice, practice. The better I get, the better my photos will be and the more my clients and I will benefit.

04 Aug 2019


Woodstock Trading Company, a small hippy store, has been in business in Cherry Hill since 1981. During that time, its little domain on Rt 70 has become crammed with highway businesses and suburban shopping centers. WTC stands out as a unique little island. Seventy-nine year old Gladys “Mom” Glass, successfully runs the store with her cat, six days a week. Her merchandise includes hundreds of T-shirts, incense, jewelry, beads and all kinds of rock and roll memorabilia, but no paraphernalia. […]

08 Jul 2019
22 Feb 2019
office environment


B-roll is the term used for video and film footage that isn’t part of an interview or scripted scene but instead scenes that offer support and help tell the story. I’ve never heard it used for stills but it makes sense. During a recent portrait shoot at August eTech, an IT consulting firm, the president wanted more than just headshots and let me wander the office getting images that capture the feel of her staff handling the challenging work of […]

28 Dec 2018


Being seen means being noticed, even if it is just for a moment. We want to be seen. When we are driving, we want other drivers to see us. When we are at a table waiting to order a meal we want a server to see us. There are countless examples and many apply to our businesses. If no one sees us how will they know we are here? What they see matters. In some cases we may not care […]

29 Oct 2018


When I search restaurants online I’m presented with an abundance of food photos, some good, some not so great.  Food photography is an art. Less frequently I get to see good ambiance photos and rarely do we get to see the people who pull it all together in the kitchen, the chefs. For restaurant week 2018, Flemington Community Partnership brought me on to photograph some of it’s local chefs. Matt at Matt’s Red Rooster, Jonas at 55 Main and  Leandro […]

11 Oct 2018


What is a photosphere? A photosphere is a spherical photo.  It is like a globe that you view from the inside. Sometimes it is referred to as a 3D image, but it isn’t exactly three dimensional.  It is more accurate to describe it as a 360 degree photo.  It is 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically.  It emulates a real person looking around. Photospheres are created by digitally stitching together over lapping views taken in all directions.  There are cameras […]

28 Sep 2018
Business Portrait Headshot


What does a sound engineer look like? This is Chuma Nwokike whose business it is to hear. This portrait was taken as part of a shoot for his business Ktizo Studios (great website https://lnkd.in/eYrQm3C) It is the engineer that can make or break a recording and he or she is a integral part of the process. Just like your photos are an integral part of your marketing.

24 Sep 2018


No, it’s not the Borg ship from Star Trek warning us that resistance is futile.  It’s a cube of compacted cans, but the message resonates. Not that resisting oppression or other serious wrong is futile but internal resistance, that inner doubt that slows us down when we should be accelerating.

20 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018

Telling Your Story

Consumer confidence continues to grow, which is great for everyone.  When consumers (which is all of us) are more confident things become more positive and better. This is especially true for businesses because it means that people will be more likely to spend money on what we offer.  However, this only works if people know what we offer, if they know our stories. How do we tell our stories?  We write, we take photos and videos and sometimes we sing.  […]

07 Sep 2018


If you are in business, whether your own business or part of a larger enterprise, chances are you need a photo of yourself for many reasons.  What works best for you, a headshot or a business portrait (also called executive portrait). Headshots show what we look like.  Business portraits say who we are. Many people settle for a headshot.  It is fairly easy to do and if well done, make a great impression.  Headshots are done in a studio setting […]

04 Sep 2018


For many of us September seems to be the real start of the new year.  We grew up going back to school, starting a new grade and a brand new experience.  New shoes, new notebooks, new classes and new classmates. After we are finished with school it still feels like the start of the new year.  Everything slows down in August.  People go on vacation and tune out.  Then Labor Day rolls around and we begin to buckle down again. […]

30 Aug 2018

Summer on the Delaware

Every year I invite photographers to be part of the Summer on the Delaware photo project. The intent is t create images that depict people and the river whether it is playing on it or just being near it. Fourteen photographers took part this year generating photos that share their vision of summertime on the Delaware River. One photo per photographer is being exhibited Saturday Sept 1 and continuing through September 2nd to coincide with Frenchtown’s exuberant Riverfest Celebrations.

24 Aug 2018


Does it have to be zero sum? When you are part of a zero sum game then either you benefit or someone else benefits. Either I have the ball or you have the ball.  I win, you lose.  I don’t think that is how it needs to work.

23 Aug 2018
Hunterdon County Agricultural & 4-H Fair 2018

Hunterdon County Agricultural & 4-H Fair 2018

The 4H used to be part of the larger Flemington Fair which was the big Hunterdon County event from 1848 until 1999 when it ceased. The historic fair grounds soon morphed into a Walmart. Not to be thwarted, several members of the Hunterdon County Board of Agriculture formed a committee to continue the local exhibition of 4-H and agricultural displays. (http://www.hunterdoncountyfair.com/general/history). I used to be more interested in the rides and the sideshow when my parents took me to the […]

22 Aug 2018
Crown Tip Coral Fungi_Artomyces pyxidata (Clavicorona pyxidata)

Crown Tip Coral Fungi

This is mushroom season and it is a good year for you if like growing in the woods on damp soil, rotting wood and other lovely residential villas.  This is a particularly cool species foound on an old log in the forests of PA. Crown Tip Coral Fungi Artomyces pyxidata (Clavicorona pyxidata) Yup, you can eat it.

14 Aug 2018


The owner of Galassos Pizza, Joe Galasso, watches as firefighters dowse the smokey remains of his life’s work.  My building is just two doors down and has been hit with fires more than once itself, once in 1940 and another just a few years ago. Nothing is permanent and everything is fragile.

07 Aug 2018


Here is a question many of us face on a regular basis, would you rather keep your nose to grindstone or just jump off a bridge?

04 Aug 2018


Freelancers don’t work for anyone. Freelancers works for anyone. A gig is a gig. If you do work to earn money then you do things that people pay you for. If you have a job you are working to earn money for yourself and someone else. It’s a job. If you are a freelancer you are earning money so you can continue doing what you do. Working for someone else, having a job, has it’s benefits. Ideally, your company values […]

30 Jul 2018


  OK, yeah, so it was 1982 in the photo office of the Fort Pierce News Tribune, in between assignments. I guess I thought I could grow a beard (nice try). It’s funny what you may come across when digging through archives.  Like most people, I often wonder what will become of all the digital photos I’ve been compiling for the past 15-16 years.

29 Jul 2018


Do you stitch together 180 degree images to create photospheres? (Doesn’t everyone?) Here is how to modify the metdata to make them work on Facebook posts: http://tophermcculloch.com/2016/06/make-photo-work-360-photosphere-facebook/ Thank you Christopher McCullock for posting this for all us photosphereographers.

28 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018


If you are like me, cell phone photos just don’t cut it.  Sure, cell phones are handy and fit in your pocket a lot better than a DSLR with a 24-70mm lens and flash unit (unless you have REALLY big pockets), but the versatility just ain’t there. I rarely posted to my Instagram account because it was kind of a chore to transfer files then do the upload thing. Then I came across a great article by Sharon Profis (www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-post-to-instagram-from-a-computer/).  […]

23 Jul 2018


Just by it’s nature, showing up on Google is good advertising. This is especially true when people are specifically looking for you and not just browsing a generic term. Just search Brokaw Photography and my business appears on the first page with tons of other links to articles, posts and other information about my business and activities. On the right side of the search page is the “Knowledge Panel” with photos, a map, reviews, etc. We have all seen this. […]

19 Jul 2018


There are all kinds of capital; financial capital, political capital, social capital, state capitals, capital letter, etc. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work,  frequently uses the term “attention capital,” which is easy to grasp.  You own your attention and spend it as you see fit.  People sometimes forcefully demand that we pay attention!  That’s fine as long as I am gaining value some kind of value for what I am buying with my attention. Often we are simply conned out […]

12 Jul 2018


Every month my Meetup Group, Frenchtown Photography Meetup, gets together in the studio to share images, insights and take part in mini-workshops.  We also engage in projects to push the envelop and see what we can accomplish collectively. Most recently we met to screw around with Photoshop and create somewhat strange, humorous images using layering.  As part of our discussions members often mention websites about photography they enjoy.  Here are three goods one we recently talked about. “You Suck at […]

09 Jul 2018


Videos for websites and social media that are well-made and engaging are excellent marketing tools. They can be a series of action photos, a photo compilation or something unique, like a morph.  The intent is not necessarily to inform at length but to spark interest.  When potential clients are interested in you, they will investigate and that’s when they will want to learn the details of who you are and what you offer.

07 Jul 2018


Being found on-line by potential clients and customers is the ultimate goal of digital marketing. People who look for and find you are the people who want what you offer.  Once you are found, it is your content that will prompt and action.   Looking for clients and customers is the opposite of being found.  Advertising and chasing leads means you are one trying to find them.  That’s a lot harder and less effective.

06 Jul 2018


There is equivalency between attention and energy and between energy and growth. When energy is fed into a system, the system gains energy unless it discharges it. It grows. When we give our attention energy to something, it grows. When attention is given to us, we grow, hopefully in positive ways. Most businesses want to grow. The attention we attract is the energy we attract so it is reasonable to be thoughtful about it to grow in positive ways.

02 Jul 2018


Does anyone like filling out time sheets and the struggle to keep jobs within budget along with the pressure to minimize non billable hours? For years I work as a consultant in engineering firms and the process of filling out a time sheet could be an agonizing task.  What did I do all day?  All week? At the beginning of every new time period I’d start out with the best intentions only to see my diligence fade as the week […]

29 Jun 2018


Which perspective is better. yours or mine? When I produce content about my business, should I be providing information I want to put out there or should I be putting out information you want to see? Unless I’m an artist or a writer making a statement, I’d have to say your perspective trumps mine.  If you don’t want to see what I publish about myself then there is really no point in putting it out there. Less is best.  Most […]

28 Jun 2018
26 Jun 2018


You do not need to teach kids to be mindful, to know life as it really is.  Just don’t unteach them. Give ’em a sit.  They will be there.

24 Jun 2018


There are two sides to a story, an explanation or a sales pitch, you and the listener. We have much to share and talk about.  We have tons of details about our product, our plan or our service but what does the listener want to hear?

23 Jun 2018


It can be easy to think the whole world is going down hill if you read or listen to any national media. But it isn’t.  Not here, not locally, not where we live. And we are not unique.  Communities around the globe are actively and eagerly improving,  growing and evolving in better and better ways every year.  I know I see it all around me. As a photographer I’m often asked to photograph local events from ribbon cuttings to hackathons.  […]

21 Jun 2018


How long have people been standing stones?

21 Jun 2018

Morphing Headshots

One of my clients came up with an interesting idea. Instead of a static website banner, a slide show or a simple dissolve how about a series of people morphing into each other? I checked with several fellow videographers who had no idea how to do this. So… research, research research and voila. Figuring things out is always satisfying. It’s human nature to want to push the envelope and learn new things.

20 Jun 2018

Seth Godin

If you’re interested in marketing and general helpful information about thriving as a professional then chances are you are already well aware of Seth Godin and likely have visited his blog, Seth.blog.  It’s a quick daily read and always well worth it. Seth’s blog is probably one of the most read blogs in the world and if you simply type “Seth” into Google, he often comes up first on the first page.  But Seth doesn’t knock himself out on social […]

04 May 2018


The Hunterdon Places Photo Project shoot, April 21 and 22nd, has resulted in a wonderful body of work by the 90 participating photographers.  Each of them embraced the spirit of the project, went out and captured images and collectively submitted 384 photos.  These photos show us who we are, here, in Hunterdon County, now, in early 2018. Pretty cool! One photograph from each photographer was selected to be part of the print exhibitions on May 26-27 at Brokaw Photography (12:00-5:00 […]

29 Apr 2018


Compressing a file will reduce the file size while keeping the dimensions and resolution the same. To compress a photo file size in Photoshop you can use the Export function which will create a new smaller file without changing the original From the dropdown menu choose: File -> Export -> Export As… The “Export As…” function will bring up the dialog box as shown below.  Under File Settings lower the quality percentage as much as you need to reach the […]

17 Apr 2018


This post provides a simple 5-step method for adding coordinates to your photos using Adobe Lightroom.  Adding coordinates is called geotagging and creates a permanent record of where you took your photo and allows the photo to be added to Google Earth and other mapping applications.  The first step is to import your photos into Lightroom and select the photo to which you want to add coordinates. The image below shows us in the “Library” module (the word Library is […]

09 Apr 2018


If you have a Google account you can create your own custom maps and add photos.  This is a great way to record locations where you’ve taken photos. The first step, of course, is to log into my Google account. I go to Google Maps and search for my location.  The photo I am going to add is in Frenchtown. When the map takes me to Frenchown I click the “hamburger” in the upper left corner to display the map […]

20 Feb 2018


They may hear what you are saying, but are they listening?  Is it just noise or does it stir something? We’re pretty good at filtering noise, whether it’s sound or something visual.  That’s a good thing.  You can’t focus on everything. It also means we are being filtered out if we are just making noise.  

19 Feb 2018


FEBRUARY 24 AFTERNOON 2:00-4:30 LEARNING LIGHTROOM  Taking great photos is the first step.  Processing them yourself adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment.  Lightroom allows us to quickly and easily polish our photos and make them look much better than the way they come out of the camera.  There are two version of Lightroom.  Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC which is a simplified, cloud-based version of the original Lightroom.  This workshop is for Lightroom Classic. We go at a good […]

05 Feb 2018


Bridget Wingert had a vision to create a local paper in the early 2000’s when other newspapers were starting their slow decline. She made it happen and it’s still happening.  The Bucks County Herald, based in Lahaska, PA serves up local news throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties in PA and is even expanding its reach into neighboring Mercer and Hunterdon Counties in NJ. I’ve done my share of photojournalism and watched as papers round the country shed their staff.  The business […]

29 Jan 2018


Hunterdon Places is a photo project open to all photographers:  kids and adults, amateurs and pros.  It isn’t a contest but rather a big collaborative project among people who love to take photos. The idea is for everyone to photograph in the same locations during the same time and see what we create together. The shoot will take place during Earth Day Weekend, April 21st and 22nd, 2018.  The locations are the twelve incorporated municipalities of Hunterdon County, NJ.  Below […]

26 Jan 2018


I figure we are all thriving in one way or another.  It’s mostly a matter of degree and where we are looking.

23 Jan 2018


Brokaw Photography is pleased to offer five thoroughly enjoyable  photo workshops at its studio in Frenchtown NJ during February 2018.  Each workshop is two and one half hours long with time for questions at the end. The cost is only $59 for each workshop or any two workshops for $99. If you bring a friend you each receive $10 off each workshop ($49 instead of $59).  You will receive $20 off if you both take two workshops together ($79 instead of […]

18 Jan 2018


I’m a TED fan (sometimes a TED junky).  It’s fun listening to smart speakers giving scientific credence to folk wisdom. One of my favorites was that you get what you expect.    “Why you don’t get what you want; it’s not what you expect”  https://youtu.be/FwLeiY5f7sI, by Dr. Jennice Vilhauer. If you want the best but expect worst, guess what?

16 Jan 2018


When it’s satisfying, it feels good.  If it feels good, it’s fun. Even when it’s work. (I wonder why there isn’t a verb form of the word fun.) Work, work, work.  If work was fun, they’d call it fun, right? Fun and games. Not even games are all fun, though. Technically, work is the process of transferring energy from one place to another (work=force x distance). But who’s counting? Fun is the process of living life fully. (Even when it’s work.)

15 Jan 2018


Or at least we hope they are.  Being visible is good, being noticed is even better. We all love to see, especially things that make us feel good.  We live in a visual world full of visual media.  It matters what you put out there for others to see.  The intent of marketing is to create a positive emotional response.  In other words, making people feel good. Show us your best foot.  Make us feel good. We’ll notice.  

03 Jan 2018


I photograph fairly often for Hunterdon County at its special events and I especially like being at the yearly reorganizational meeting. I’ve gotten to know and really respect these people. They are focused on making Hunterdon County the best it can be. We all know this and appreciate what they do. Below Matt Holt, 2018 Director, speaks to a packed room about the Freeholders’ vision for Hunterdon County.

02 Jan 2018


I don’t wait for new years to make resolutions. I make ’em everyday, all day. I’m always resolving to do something. Making resolutions is quite a lot of fun and feels really good. I highly recommend it. Don’t worry about whether you are keeping every resolution or not. The simple act of resolving always adds momentum in the right direction.

26 Dec 2017


“About Videos” on a your website, if done well, can be a great way for people to learn about you, your products or your services. I visit websites because I am curious, I want to know more. That is why I am there. (And I like watching more than I like reading, so a quick video is always welcome!) Of course it’s a balance to get it just right for your audience. If you are authentic and professional you’ll get […]

18 Dec 2017
Brokaw Photography Workshops


Brokaw Photography is pleased to offer two thoroughly enjoyable (and very reasonably priced!) photo mini-workshops at its studio in Frenchtown NJ on Saturday January 20th. These workshops are non-technical and are designed to help you get the most out of your photography.  Each workshop is two and one half hours long with time for questions at the end. The cost is only $49 for each or just $89 if you sign up for both workshops. Your payment is your registration and I welcome […]

13 Dec 2017


What are you looking at? What’s got your attention? We are often told to “pay” attention (especially when we are kids).  That must mean we own our attention and can “spend” it however it most benefits us, our growth and our development and those around us.  It’s an investment.  

06 Dec 2017


What are you trying to get out of your career?  Are you looking for happiness or do you want to be satisfied? Don’t answer.  It’s a trick question. They are the same thing.

04 Dec 2017


It was a good weekend in Frenchtown.  Six businesses: a computer service business, three galleries, an artist and a photo studio, shared our spaces  to celebrate and to enjoy just being here.  It was collaboration on top of collaboration.  Not only did we share our spaces with other artists and other photographers, we shared our individual events with each other, sending visitors back and forth and boosting each other on social media. To commemorate my event and to thank the […]

30 Nov 2017


Locations matter when having events. People need to know where you are. Brokaw Photography Studio and five art galleries are having group shows in Frenchtown this weekend.  We’ve all posted our events on Facebook but when we do that we simply create six separate silos of information.  To bring us all together and to inform visitors of our locations I thought it would be great to create a live Google Maps and to locate all the galleries on Google Earth. […]

27 Nov 2017

THE 65-10 RULE

Chances are you looked at Frank’s bright blue eyes before you read any text (yes, they are real!). I know I look at pictures before I read and most of us do.  That is why visual content is so important.  Not only does it get our attention but we remember it better. Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, research consultant and  affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine  has been study how the brain works […]

27 Nov 2017


Have you taken your brain for a walk today? If you’ve ever had  dogs you know how excited they can get when it’s time to go for walk.  They know it will feel good.  And it does. There is something about being outside and moving that makes the brain happy.  It clears cobwebs. The data show … “yada, yada… blah, blah.”  I don’t need no stinking data. My brain knows.

24 Nov 2017


I admire people with vision.    Over just a few days last week, Patricia Walsh Collins and Susan Joy Rosetty transformed an empty storefront into a thriving store called the “Art of Sprit Local.”  I had just photographed the space to help market it, so  am happy to see it rented. When I saw how quickly and creatively, Susan and Patricia decorated the store and arranged all the merchandise I was thoroughly impressed.  I asked Patricia how they were able […]

21 Nov 2017


The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce celebrated business leaders in the county at its annual awards breakfast.  Hearing about these businesses and individuals is always inspiring.  These businesses are making a difference in the lives of many people from their employees to the people they serve and to the Hunterdon County community.  It is always a pleasure to attend these events and photograph the recipients. Governmental Award winner Clinton Township Mayor John Higgins Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner Tom […]

20 Nov 2017


“Steve” and I are part of a large photography exhibit that opened this weekend at the Allentown Art Museum.  I had photographed Steve as part of a project on artists and am always eager to show him off. The exhibition hall was packed with photographers who are all displaying great images.  It is a little daunting to see how good they all are and also encouraging to see the bar for photography rising higher and higher.  Mediocre images just don’t […]

16 Nov 2017


The Board of Directors for the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation gathered at the Large House in Flemington recently to “play.” They played “Outta This World,” a board game designed to awaken creativity and innovation, which was created by the Hudicka family based in Hunterdon County.  It was an interesting evening photographing and video recording some of the county’s business leaders engaged and enjoying a free flow of energy.   “Outta This World! is our patent pending brainstorm game, […]

15 Nov 2017


Have you ever had one of those days when you pitch idea after idea to your boss and he just stares at you?

15 Nov 2017


Life accelerates as we grow.  The Hunterdon Harmonizers, who are launching yet another production with zest and zeal, asked if I could come an do some PR shots for them as they rehearse for their upcoming show.  It was fun being with them and being bowled over by their enthusiasm.  These are not the kind of guys who sit around at night vegging in front of their TVs but instead get out, get together and squeeze every moment out of life. […]

14 Nov 2017


Ginko leaves in the November light. Gotta love it. Ginkos have been around for quite awhile, about 270 million years or so (give or take a few days).  They are pretty unassuming until autumn when their leaves turn and they create carpets of yellow on the ground.   Some folks enjoy it as a tea or a supplement. I just like to see it.

13 Nov 2017


Johnny Haritos is a Frenchtown based artist, best know for his drawings of rock stars that are signed by the rockers.  Johnny with an eye for light, color and shape also produces pleasing and interesting photographs. I photographed him on B&W film at his recent show at Freedom Art & Music.  I really enjoyed seeing his work. Freedom Art & Music is like a lot of local galleries, offering a venue for local artists and serving as a draw for […]

10 Nov 2017
Archie Fagan and Sue Lang Saponara

29th Hunterdon County Business & Home Expo & Restaurant Showcase

Food, food, food, from soup to pie  Archie Fagan, here with Sue Lang Saponara from Flemington Shop Rite, along with the rest of the Shop Rite crew were a big part of this year’s  Hunterdon County Business & Home Expo & Restaurant Showcase.  There were plenty of vendors and businesses to explore all day and topped off with delicious dishes and desserts from participating restaurants. More photos on Facebook at Brokaw Photography

07 Nov 2017


While shooting some food photos for a local restaurant I was asked if I could get a headshot of the chef. (Of course I could!) From the moment I stepped into the kitchen I could tell who was in charge of it. She owned it. No arrogance, no belligerence, just warm, friendly, supreme confidence.

06 Nov 2017


Robert DeBarth has been repairing and rebuilding typewriters for over 70 years.  Now you might think that business would be slow, but Robert has plenty of work.  His skills are actually in high demand.  People still love typewriters. If you’ve ever tried to fix one you know that they are like watches with hundreds of integrated parts.  It takes a specialist and there are not too many typewriter factory repair centers anymore (probably none), so Robert is at a premium. […]

05 Nov 2017


Sometimes. Yes? They say “work is work” and it is, of course, but if it brings us satisfaction then it’s more than work, it’s living life well. I’ve always loved my jobs, my work (except for that time in college I delivered telephone books…) and most of the time it was satisfying. That’s especially true at the end of a productive day. Boredom, fatigue and stress love to nudge their way in from time to time, but that’s normal. So […]

03 Nov 2017


I photographed artist, Todd Stone as part of a photo project about the Artists of the Gallows Run.  We talked about journals. Todd is a well known New York artist, www.toddstone.com.  Todd witnessed, first hand, the destruction of the Twin Towers and rendered it in paintings.  Over the past 16 years he has been witnessing and painting the resurrection. Todd journals.  It settles his mind and evokes new thoughts and ideas. Journalling is right up there with mindful meditation as a […]

31 Oct 2017


Marketing is all about engaging the viewer.  The vast majority of what we encounter on line is simply viewed, read or heard. We read posts, look at photos, watch videos and listen to recordings. But there are always applications emerging that can engage us by allowing us to interact with what we see.  We do more than just look or listen, we take action by zooming and panning and clicking.  This engages our motor functions and stimulates our brains. One […]

29 Oct 2017


Each year creatively created scarecrows suddenly appear in Frenchtown. Every night they wander the streets and change places before dawn. Hundreds of people have investigated this strange manifestation but no one yet has been able to explain it.  We all …. we all know there is no explanation With the help of my trusty Scarecrow Wrangler we captured them briefly for a quick portrait before they animated and began wandering.

27 Oct 2017


Trees Water Stone is a collaborative art event celebrating Solstice in Frenchtown. The intent is to bring artists and photographers together to display and sell their work and enjoy themselves. Brokaw Photography Studio, Freedom Art and Music Gallery and Joe Ressarts Strasser Art are hosting works by artists and photographers that have a Solstice theme.  The event will happen Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd with an artists/photographers reception Saturday evening.  All three sites are within short walking distance […]

27 Oct 2017


The world is full of color.  But sometimes we may want to look at it in black and white. Does it work? The perennial favorite for color watching is fall foliage.  It doesn’t last long.  A couple of weeks.  I wondered if I could create a black and white image of foliage with snap and interest.  It didn’t work.  Black and white leaves? (Am I nuts?)

26 Oct 2017


Vince Papale “walked on” to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1970s and made history.  An unknown 30 year old guy from the neighborhood who never played football decided to try out and became an NFL legend.  Disney even made a movie about him called Invincible. Vince’s football days are behind him and now he travels the country giving talks and motivating everyone from corporate executives to high school athletes. Vince’s story is impressive, for sure, but as I photographed him during […]

25 Oct 2017


Like many companies, Promius Pharma annually convenes its people from around the country to bring them together as a team and enhance their focus on the company mission.  And of course the first night is a time for settling in and getting off to a good start with a social event.  This year Promius met at the Crown Plaza in Princeton and decided it would be fun to have food trucks cater the party. I’ve photographed a lot of corporate […]

23 Oct 2017


Really cold brew at BioStorage, part of a facility at Rutgers University where they keep stuff on ice (not beer, though). I’ve photographed a number of sites specializing in cryogenic storage and it’s pretty amazing to see how technology enables us to seriously cool things down and essentially stop the aging process. Funny, though, when it gets really cold, I certainly don’t feel my aging process slowing down. www.BrokawPhotography.com

19 Oct 2017


I don’t often think of the visual graphic appeal of sewage treatment plants. Actually, I don’t really think of sewage treatment very often, but recently, when on assignment photographing this facility I couldn’t help but notice its visual elegance. Everything at a treatment plant is designed for a purpose and within this design is a kind of graphic beauty. I always enjoy photographing engineered structures. Especially when the light is awesome.  Ideally, it works as well as it looks. www.BrokawPhotography.com

17 Oct 2017


Geotagging is fairly easy and is required in order to embed a photo on Google Earth. Geotagging is the process of adding latitude/longitude coordinates to the metadata of a photo. Some cameras will geotag automatically when you take a photo. However, this is the location of the camera when the photo was taken, not the the location being photographed. For our project, FRENCHTOWN 150, we are adding custom coordinates to our digital files. This can be done a number of […]

17 Oct 2017


“Digital Basics” Oct 21st 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM ($69) This workshop is for those getting starting in the world of digital photography. We will cover the basic concepts of the digital technology, camera settings and guidelines on how to create better photos. The course is taught at a nice, even step by step pace, covering topics thoroughly but without technical jargon. Call or email to register: 908-996-4440    Bill@BrokawPhoto.com TOPICS About your camera: Learn a little about just what a […]

17 Oct 2017


It’s often harder than it looks to coordinate teams, even when everyone is doing the same thing.  Watching a novice crew team row up the river is fun.  It’s not an entirely graceful thing to see, but entertaining. The crew wants to do the right thing. The coxie sees what needs to be done and everyone strives to coordinate. We all have teams of one kind or another.  Some are long lasting, others are fleeting but they all share a […]

16 Oct 2017


These are the steps for processing your photos in Lightroom.  See “GEOTAGGING ONLINE” post if you do not use Lightroom. You need to: CROP YOUR PHOTO SQUARE GEOTAG IT NAME IT “LOCATION – PHOTOGRAPHER.jpg” RESIZE IT TO 1200×1200 pixels LABEL “LOCATION – PHOTOGRAPHER.” SUBMIT IT The video at the bottom of this post illustrates the steps itemized below. Import the best, most representative photo of your location into Lightroom and then select it to make it active. Switch to the “DEVELOP” […]

15 Oct 2017


Frenchtown 150 is underway.  This collaborative photo project is a comprehensive visual and on-line spatial representation of Frenchtown, NJ. Here is a link to maps showing the photo locations.  Click to view (if this link does not work for you I can email you the maps): FRENCHTOWN 150 PHOTO LOCATIONS The list of locations and photographers assigned to these location is below.  Email me directly to select a location and get on the list. Participating photographers select specific locations to photograph […]

13 Oct 2017


Everybody is somewhere. (Whether we know where we are is another question.)  For many businesses, it is all about location, location, location.  Where you are matters. When it comes to commercial photography, the images produce often are created to show the feel and character of a business’s location.  This also is true for business communities, like Frenchtown, NJ, that rely on visitors. Digital photography allows us to tag our files with latitude/longitude coordinates and on-line tools, such as Google Earth […]

11 Oct 2017


It was an interesting evening at the NJPAC with 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial candidates, Lieutenant Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy.  The house was packed.  NJPAC is a great venue and was the perfect setting for this event. It was refreshing to see Kim and Phil interact with respect and dignity.  After meeting them and hearing their views I’m not really sure who I would vote for.  Being Governor of NJ is a tough job and both of them seem up […]

10 Oct 2017


Steve Sears bends metal.  The hard stuff, … iron. Iron doesn’t want to bend.  It takes prep.  It takes conditioning.  It takes energy.  Steve’s energy. Steve has been bending metal for decades.  He knows what he wants and how to make it happen.  Most people call Steve an artisan. He calls himself, “Steve.”  Bending iron is what he does, and does well.  He doesn’t worry about labels.  We all do what we do, whatever that may be at any given […]

09 Oct 2017


Dr. Dan Cohen, “Dental Care 4 Kids” understands his patients.    They are less concerned with all the things that adults appreciate about him and are more concerned about how they feel when they visit.  Knowing this, Dr. Dan has created a dental office environment that kids actually  look forward to visiting. From cartoons and game-filled iPads in the waiting room to fun window displays in the hallway Dental Care 4 Kids has a relaxed, stress-free feel.  While the concept […]

06 Oct 2017


Road Spaghetti! Traveling to a North Jersey assignment in morning rush hour, with accidents all around certainly make one appreciate GPS. Thank you satellites and all those people who figured out where the heck I am going and how to get there.   One wrong move and I would have ended up twirled and twisted and driving the wrong way looking for a U-turn. It feels good to appreciate.

05 Oct 2017


It’s a bumper year for nuts (acorns and hickories, too.).  The trees are fruitful (or maybe I should say nutfull) and there is an abundance on the forest floor.  The squirrels and chipmunks will feast. Abundance is a funny thing.  Sometimes it just comes to us, especially when we’re receptive. I hope you are feasting!  

03 Oct 2017


I had a great session with a psychotherapist, recently.  A photo session, that is. Josh Kates (http://www.joshkates.com/) has been helping people regain their balance for over twenty-five years and is still active and eager to help people be who they truly want to be.  It’s an art. Josh wanted to update his headshot and reached out to me to do this for him.  For professionals like Josh, he ‘is’ his product and a good headshot is important.  We talked about […]

01 Oct 2017


Fall is definitely prime time for getting outdoor family photos.  The air is crisp, people are feeling good and the colors are beautiful. My favorite locations for outdoor family photos are just short walks from my studio here in Frenchtown.  Sometimes we head down to the river and other times we head over to the park where the photo above was taken.  Sundays are perfect for family photo sessions.  It’s when we can all relax, take our time and enjoy ourselves. […]

01 Oct 2017


Are you selling features or an experience? I think we all know that our clients want a positive experience from what offer, whether it’s a product or a service. Dranoff Properties is building a high rise, luxury apartment complex just across from NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark with no shortage of features.  It knows how important quality features are to people and it also knows that people want a quality living experience. It is a little early in the […]

29 Sep 2017


Habitat for Humanity of Raritan Valley held a wonderful fundraising gala at Basking Ridge Country Club that was well attended and raised much needed funds for people in this area and around the country needing affordable housing. Senator Kip Bateman speaking on behalf of his firm, DiFrancesco, Bateman, Kunzman, Davis, Lehrer & Flaum, P.C., accepted an award its hours and hours of work benefiting the Raritan Valley branch. Habitat for Humanity of Raritan Valley is a great organization and well respected.  […]

29 Sep 2017


When Habitat for Humanity asked me to shoot its fundraising gala I was happy to learn they would be using a step and repeat banner.  Step and repeats are always an excellent idea for big events.  Not only are they great for branding yourself and getting sponsors they make it fun for guests to get their photos taken.  When it comes to big event, especially fundraisers, it’s important to remember that its the guests who make it successful. I’ve photographed […]

28 Sep 2017


I wanted to share this great website, called the Photographers Ephemeris.  It easily shows you the position of the sun and moon any time of day for any day of the year.  I discovered this site years ago when a client wanted to take a photo at a certain place on a certain day at a certain time and I wanted to know where the sun would be. I have it bookmarked and I use it all the time when […]

27 Sep 2017

Picture Day at Crown Plaza, Princeton

If you’ve ever been part of a corporate headshot shoot (either as a photographer or a “head”) then this probably looks familiar.  Instant studio in a vacant meeting room. When people come by for their headshot, a lot of them tell me they hate having their picture taken.  That’s entirely reasonable and understandable but it don’t bother me none.   It’s actually a lot more fun that they expect.  Plus I’m pretty efficient so it doesn’t hurt too long. Meetings and […]

26 Sep 2017


Brokaw Photography is pleased to offer a series of thoroughly enjoyable Saturday morning beginner to advanced photo workshops at its studio in Frenchtown NJ,  plus an exciting B&W street photography excursion to New York City. Scroll to bottom to register.   October 21 – 9:00 to Noon  – DIGITAL BASICS $69 Learn how your camera works and the simple techniques for getting the most out of it. Bring your camera for one-on-one instructions.  Also includes best practices for managing your photos […]

26 Sep 2017
Special Team


Dr. Jody Serra, owner of the Center for Natural Wellness offers a range of chiropractic services from adjustments for children and adults to special concierge treatment for NFL athletes.  Jody and his team provide different approaches to their various patients based on their individual needs. Like most business owners, Jody recognizes the need to frequently update and refresh his web presence and so scheduled an afternoon to get some new business portraits. We discussed standard, studio-based headshots (which are always a […]

25 Sep 2017


Every year I enjoy photographing the newest class of the Leadership Hunterdon program. Leadership Hunterdon was launched back in 2011 with the vision to “transform people to become trustees of our communities, to become leadership resources and work for the betterment of Hunterdon County.” These people, already leaders, will spend the next nine months not only working in their full time jobs but also attending classes and workshops, visiting companies and organizations throughout the County and crafting a white paper […]

24 Sep 2017
Cressent Moon

Waxing Croissant

Who doesn’t love the crescent moon?

22 Sep 2017

Equinox 2017

Happy Equinox. About equal day and night today as we continue to spiral and dance with the sun through the cosmos. (Maybe I’ll build a circle of stones to mark these events.  I wonder if anyone ever thought of doing that.)    

20 Sep 2017

Topped Off in Newark

Newark, NJ continues to grow and expand with the help of Dranoff Properties (dranoffproperties.com) which is building a 22 story luxury apartment complex just across the street from the NJ Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). Dranoff and its PR firm, Evergreen Partners (evergreenpr.com), brought me on to photograph its Topping Off Event held to celebrate reaching the height of 22 stories with the men and women who did the construction and the VIPs who helped make  it happen, including Newark Mayor Ras […]

19 Sep 2017

Is it a gourd or a feeling?

What’s for sale here? On the surface, it’s a funky looking squash.  Taken just a little deeper, it’s a decoration, a feeling of fall, a memory of Thanksgiving dinners, leaves blowing across the lawn, crisp cool air … A pretty good bargain for a few bits. What are you selling?  

18 Sep 2017

Are you taking advantage of Google Earth?

Google Earth is a powerful program.  It provides a 3 dimensional view of the earth’s surface and is designed to allow users to embed their own data and share it with others on the Google Earth platform.  And it’s free.  You just need to know how to take advantage if it. I find it invaluable for enhancing my photography when there is a spatial component (i.e., when the location of the photos is important).  By incorporating my images in Google […]

15 Sep 2017

Sage Wisdom

Recognize wisdom when you hear it. During the past couple months, I did video interviews of the inductees into the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Hall of Fame.  When you get to talk one-on-one with business leaders who have made a difference in their communities you certainly pick up a lot of wisdom. Nobody tried to give advice or promote themselves. Instead they just spoke from the heart about what they believe and what motivates them. It was […]

14 Sep 2017

Business Hall of Fame Inauguration

­The inaugural event for the Hunterdon County Business Hall of Fame will be held by the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation at the Ryland Inn on Th­ursday, September 14, 2017, at 6:00pm. The Foundation’s mission is to advance the interests of the Hunterdon County business community through business resources, economic & workforce development, leadership development, tourism, philanthropy, and the promotion of civic, educational, cultural and economic interests of the region. The Hunterdon County Business Hall of Fame was established […]

13 Sep 2017

Seeing monkeys do …

Monkey see, monkey do?  Maybe not such bad advice, depending on what the monkeys are doing.  

12 Sep 2017


I came across this guy during a walk this weekend and boy, did he look exhausted.  After 17 years underground you get one big chance to party.  That must be why they are always singing. Summertime is the right time if you are a cicada but there is no encore, no second chance.  You hatch, you prep, you play and then … well, we try not to think about that, but at least you don’t have to worry about your […]

11 Sep 2017

Ready for Monday?

Harry starts every week with total focus.  Of course, he has his krypton glasses to give him an advantage. It’s his super power (and for sale for only $9.95 at the Fireman’s Carnival). I don’t have a set of krypton glasses (yet) but I have a nice hot cup of coffee and am eager to dive into the week.  I believe I can focus as well as Harry. I start with short bursts.  I figure that if I put all […]

08 Sep 2017

Steps to Candid Photography

When you think about it, there are a lot of steps to just about everything.  The most immediate task may be pretty straight forward, but chances are there are a lot of steps leading up to it. Candid photography seems simple enough.  In many ways it is, just point and shoot. Sometimes that works just fine, but not often.  Candids are uncontrolled,  As a photographer you can’t pose your subject, because then it’s not candid.  But you can control how […]

06 Sep 2017


Sometimes it’s a bare-knuckle climb to the top, one finger grip at a time.

05 Sep 2017


As part of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Hall of Fame project I had the opportunity to video interview Adam Ambielli, one of the owners of Custom Alloy in High Bridge, NJ.  Adam graciously took me on a tour of the plant and allowed me to take photos to go along with the video. This is truly a heavy industry but it isn’t a smoke stack factory.  Custom Alloy shapes and refines metal products for industry, from […]

04 Sep 2017


Frenchtown enjoyed two simultaneous events Labor Day Weekend that perfectly exemplified the envision-plan-implement process. A local art and performance venue, Art Yard, provided a street parade of colorfully dressed bird people, while the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association held its Riverfest event, celebrating the town, the arts and the river.  Both were a vision of the organizers who planned and implemented their events flawlessly and with joy exhibiting the perfect model for any business.   Think it, plan it, do […]

31 Aug 2017
MICHAEL FLOOD - Trooper Tuber

Trooper Tuber

Often it’s the simplest images that can be the most memorable and most fun.  Frequently though, it takes a higher level of skill, thought and imagination to create that simple image.  Think Apple.  Its advertisements are always clean, simple and effective.  That doesn’t happen by accident. The image shown above by Michael Flood, is one of the 63 images that make up the Summer on the Delaware project on display in my studio this weekend.  Michael is a craftsman, an […]

30 Aug 2017


Revival Construction, a family run construction company based in Flemington, creates beautiful, new, yet rustic houses as well as renovations throughout the region.  It is well known for its quality and people always speak glowingly of working with them. On a recent shoot we wanted to get a few exteriors and I noticed a small patch of wildflowers in a nearby field and  thought about how they would make a great foreground for the shot.  Positioning myself behind them way […]

30 Aug 2017


I came across a group of young athletes early in the morning making their way up a five mile hill.  Although near the top of the hill every one of them was still running,  pushing their limit to the top. It occurred to me that climbing never really ends.  Sometimes it levels off a bit and the type of climbing we do will vary but it’s always forward and upward.  Can’t fight it, might as well embrace it.  Every hill […]

28 Aug 2017
First Light


When we collaborate, we grow. Naturally, there is collaboration between our businesses and our clients, as well as between ourselves and our suppliers.  Collaboration between peers also has its rewards.  We may not want to give our competition a boost or lose our edge but there are ways to collaborate where we all come out ahead. My schtick is organizing and producing photo projects with other photographers.  My latest collaborative project, Summer on the Delaware, will be on display in […]

25 Aug 2017

Underestimating and Under Appreciating

As part of a video for the Hunterdon County of Chamber Foundation I had the opportunity to do an interview with Joe Colalillo of Shop Rite, one of the inductees for the Foundation’s Hall of Fame.  Joe is well known and loved throughout the county for all he does to support  the community in many, many ways. I’m a regular shopper at Shop Rite and always knew how hard everyone works but I think I underestimated and maybe under appreciated […]

24 Aug 2017

Country Fair

We’re only a frog’s hop from New York out here on the West Coast of New Jersey but we still got ourselves an annual country fair where eggs compete, Old Glory hangs over the exhaust pipes of farm tractors and girls take their cows for a walk.  See you on the midway after I fill up on kettle corn and pick up a nice big bone for my dog.        

23 Aug 2017

Taking Aim

In the beginning when we first begin learning to shoot straight, there were those in the background keeping a watchful eye and making sure we weren’t aiming at our foot. Ideally, mentoring and guiding never really end in the business world, whether we are the eager student or the wise observer in the background.  

22 Aug 2017

“OMG” – Three little letters that mean a lot.  

“OMG. So happy thanks so much.”  When you finish a job and read these words, you can feel satisfied you’ve served your client well.  Having recently received such an email, I’m happy as a peach and also well aware one should never rest on one’s laurels. Satisfying a client is more than the final product.  It is the whole process that leads you there, from the first phone call to the deliverable and everything in between.  It is an ongoing […]

21 Aug 2017

Ready for the Eclipse?

Here comes the moon.  Standing in front of the sun and casting us into darkness in the middle of the day. OK, so maybe it won’t get this dark, but it will be the biggest shortest show of the year.

18 Aug 2017

Shared Vision

I talk to a lot of business people and I know how much everyone cares about the services and products they provide.  This is their vision.  Their clients and customers also have a vision.  They want products and services that satisfy them.  When we share our visions with other people’s visions, that’s when magic happens. We all have visions for ourselves and for our businesses.  Visions are what we want to see happen.  We want to grow, we want to […]

17 Aug 2017


Is it “showroom,”  “show room,” or “show showroom?” In this case I think I’ll settle on “show showroom.”  Photography of interiors is all about showing rooms.  In this case, it’s a showroom for a contractor.  Showrooms always make for great photos as they are designed to be seen.  Of course, interior photos are not by any means limited to showrooms.  Good photos are excellent anytime you want to express what it feels like to be in a space.  It may […]

16 Aug 2017


You never know what you will see when on assignment.  At first I thought I discovered a new species, a rainbow caterpillar.  After consulting numerous taxonomic books  realized that what I had actually found  was Girlscoutis innovatum (common name, “clever Girl Scouts”) What do you do when you get rained on?  Innovate!

15 Aug 2017

Value Your Team

A company is a team of people working together.  The question is, “What are they working for?” Every business owner would love knowing his or her team is working for the growth and enhancement of the company.  Everyone has a position and a strategic role to play, whether it’s the bat boy or the captain. Sometimes owners get caught up in the demands of running the business and aren’t able to express their gratitude as much as they would like. […]

14 Aug 2017


Each August the pilgrims pass through Frenchtown on their way to the American Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA.  They start in Great Meadows, make their way across NJ and into PA.  They cross the Delaware via the Frenchtown/Uhlerstown bridge, a narrow, steel truss bridge maintained by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC).   The DRJTBC loves images of its bridges being used and often give me the heads up when events like this are happening so I can get some […]

11 Aug 2017
Coffee time

It’s Friday

It’s Friday.  It’s August. It’s still summer. The boss is on vacation…. Have another mug of coffee.

09 Aug 2017
Zip Lining

Going to Camp

For some reason it always seem like I’m climbing ladders (or trees or fences or buildings) to get a little higher perspective on a shot.  This was the perfect angle to get some zip-line photos for the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey (GSHNJ) at Camp DeWitt.  We didn’t have any trouble getting volunteers for this activity, one the kids’ favorites. Shooting the camp activities for GSHNJ was fun and almost made me wish I was at camp myself.  There […]

09 Aug 2017

In Gear

While on assignment shooting footage and stills at the Historic Red Mill in Clinton, NJ, I couldn’t help but marvel at the quality of craftsmanship and durability of the old iron gears.  They operated for decades, endlessly turning in sync and enduring year after year.  They was made right good! It got me thinking about the word “gear” and how it can have such a positive connotation.  There is nothing like having good gear, gearing up, getting into gear and […]

08 Aug 2017
Hunterdon County Freeholders' Meeting Room Photo by Bill Brokaw

The Long Tail (revisited)

Stuff we do today will reverberate in our future. Back in 2004 Chris Anderson coined the phrase, The Long Tail, to describe how some products sell in small quantities over a long, long time outdoing big sellers that come and go. Like many business concepts, this one entered my brain, fermented, digested and morphed into a completely different interpretation from what it really means.  (That’s OK, it’s my brain.) I like to think of the long tail as a long term […]

07 Aug 2017

Is Your Business LIke a Mushroom?

Mushrooms are funny organisms.  Most of the time they are invisible to us growing networks of mycelium below the ground, out of site. It’s these networks that collect the nutrients and are the foundation  of the plant.  Mycelium are often symbiotic meaning they may both benefit their environments as well as derive benefits. When conditions are ripe, they can suddenly burst forth in full fruit.  But the fruiting is temporary.  It’s the foundation that persist to fruit another day.

04 Aug 2017
Dating Site Photos

Dating Site Photos

Sometimes, I get to do personal photos for people to use for their dating site profiles.  Having these photos done well is certainly not a bad idea.  I love creating images that express people in a positive light. I’ve browsed dating sites myself (just researching, of course) and many of the photos I’ve seen are pretty awful (and some are just plain scary).  I’ve been tempted to send a message with photo tips, but figure that would just be insulting. […]

03 Aug 2017
Riverfest Vikings


Branding an event is as important as branding your business.  What’s it all about?  How do you get people to attend?  By having fun. Every year, Frenchtown NJ, a Delaware River town and my home base, has an end of summer event call Riverfest.  It is fun but was never especially distinctive.  Two years ago some guys started dressing up like Vikings and created an event within the event called the Paper Boat Races.  Kids make paper boats, drift them […]

02 Aug 2017
Author Headshot

Window Light for Headshots

I love light.  Soft light, natural light, bright light, dim light, light bulb light, strobe light, lightning bug light, moon light, moon shine, light beer, lightning light, and on and on ….  It’s either because I’m a photographer or I’m a photographer because I love light. Window light is one of my favorite types of light and a great simple option for anyone who needs to create a headshot of someone, whether it’s an employee, a personal relationship or a […]

01 Aug 2017
Group Photography

Cool Group Shots

Shooting groups is an art in itself.  Imagine corralling 5, 10, 20 or more people, balancing the arrangement, getting the light just right and having everyone look like they are happy.  Ya gotta love it. It’s also fun to try to tweak things a little and reach for a more relaxed shot.  The team at Princeton Wealth Advisors, Raymond James were wonderfully accommodating and patient as we work on shots for its national magazine.  After a bunch of great traditional […]

31 Jul 2017
Office Viking

I Love Mondays

Mondays are always invigorating, especially after a great weekend.  But I confess, I don’t mind not working in an office and having to face a supervisor inspired to motivate me.

28 Jul 2017
Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate

Large open interior areas can be tricky to photograph.  In fact, any interior area with large windows can be difficult.  No matter what time of day or night there are very, very few moments when the outside light matches in the inside light. In some cases this can be solved by adding light (e.g. big flash units).  But sometimes, especially when it is a large open area, like the commercial space pictured above, there is no place to put the […]

27 Jul 2017
Minal Sampat, Growth Management Marketingg

Watch what you say!

Headshots can be fun.  All it takes is some imagination and a willingness to experiment and be playful. Minal Sampat, founder and CEO of Growth Management Marketing is a master at this.  We spent an afternoon in the studio creating a wonderful collection of headshots with a wide range of applications for her business including this shot to promote her podcast.  We had a great time and got great shots.  This one is my favorite. You can see more the photos […]

26 Jul 2017
Environmental Headshot

Interesting Headshots

Headshots are, of course, a staple of business.  People expect to see a current version and get a sense of who you are.  Headshots are typically done in a studio, which certainly works well, but may sometimes be a little less original than the person being photographed.  Your headshot should do you justice! Studio style headshots are great when large teams of people need to be photographed and consistency is important.  They can be done more quickly and efficiently when […]

25 Jul 2017


There are many times when we have a full plate in front of us and yet know there is even more to come.  Expectations keep us motivated.

24 Jul 2017
Chanterelles photographed by Bill Brokaw

Wild Mushrooms

April showers bring May flowers and July showers bring “chanterelles” a delectable, edible wild mushroom.  These lovely specimens were found growing happily deep in the woods in eastern PA. It was a rainy weekend in the northeast and likely put a damp damper on many outdoor summer activities, but the forests love it.  Rain brings growth.  The next time my parade gets rained on I’ll have to remind myself to be on the lookout for growth.

22 Jul 2017

Size Limit

What is the size limit for Delaware dogfish?

22 Jul 2017

Street Photography

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and get your feet wet (up to your armpits).  Summer is a great time to be on the Delaware.  No tubes or canoes required.  Just jump in.

21 Jul 2017
Summer Fun

Summer Swelter, Embrace It!

It’s the peak of summer and time for many to hibernate inside in the AC and literally “chill.”  Not really a bad ideal, staying comfortable, but what the heck, it’s summer, might as well embrace it. I can’t claim to be happy and cheerful in all temperatures but I’m a North American mammal so I’m adaptable by nature.  (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)  I love documenting what is, when it is, and I’m likely to be out […]

20 Jul 2017


A few years ago I was lucky to discover the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” and have since watched it over and over.  It is masterfully done. Jiro (now 92) is the world’s finest sushi chef.  His restaurant (Sukiyabashi Jiro) only has 10 counter seats and a meal is priced at 30,000 yen ($300), no appetizers, no drinks (except tea), just 20 pieces of sushi, hand-prepared by Jiro. You need to make reservations about a year in advance.  Jiro’s sushi is […]

19 Jul 2017

Exploring the Waters

The Delaware River is not exactly known for its coral reefs and sunken treasure ships, but if you don’t look how can you be sure?

18 Jul 2017

Street Photography

Local events like festivals, parades, fairs etc. are especially great for practicing street photography.  There is a lot going, people are having fun and no one seems to mind being photographed.  It is all part of the day. Most street photography I see seems to be in cities, where there are a lot of people, but my studio is in a small town.  I am in Frenchtown, on the west coast of NJ nestled on the banks of the mighty […]

17 Jul 2017

The lesson of the white chicory

Creating macro botanical images for scientific stock is one of my specialites.  I have a background as an ecologist and enjoy being out photographing wild species  for textbooks and scientific publications. Last week I came across a rare white chicory specimen growing along the roadside.  I immediately made plans to return with my gear to document it. Chicory is a lazy flower.  Like a teenager it doesn’t get up until way past sunrise and if it’s cloudy or rainy, forget it. […]

14 Jul 2017

There is No Fun Like Work

If you’ve followed your gut when choosing your career path then the joy really is in the doing. I’ve heard critiques about people describing themselves by what they do. “Nay, nay” they say, “You aren’t your job.” Well, I say maybe I am! I’m proud and delighted to say “Je suis photographe!” I didn’t stumble accidentally into being a photographer and I’ll bet you didn’t wander aimlessly into your career, either.  When we’ve consciously chosen our paths and pursued them, then […]

13 Jul 2017

Power Portraits

Executive portraits can be more than a nice PR photo showing great dental work.  They can be an expression of what it means to run a company.  Sometimes this takes a little extra time and creative vision but the extra effort can deliver a more compelling image. Being an executive ain’t easy (just ask one). It takes focus, knowledge, skill and the ability to direct and coordinate people.  There is more to it than sitting at a desk.  

12 Jul 2017
Google Views Of Brokaw Photography Photos

Getting your business viewed

  One of my business segments is being a certified Google Trusted photographer, trained and authorized to create virtual tours and publish them on the Google platform. As part of this program I also create and publish standard images of businesses, primarily architectural and product-oriented photos. Periodically, Google gives me an update on how well my photos of my clients’ businesses are doing. I am always delighted to learn how many times they are viewed. The number of views per business range, of […]

11 Jul 2017

Photo Ops For Business

There are photo opportunities all around us, every day,  unlimited ways we can market ourselves visually.  This is the heart of social media marketing. The challenge is that we are used to seeing our world as we see it.  The normal is the norm, nothing special.  If it feels and looks normal to us it is hard to make it interesting to others. That is why we enjoy taking photos when we travel.  It’s new and exciting and fun to […]

10 Jul 2017

Lifestyle photography

We all love candids, good candids of our friends and family having fun, being engrossed in what they are doing.  These kinds of candids have a natural, energetic feel, especially if the subject is feeling natural and energetic.  They make us feel good. Good business photos can evoke this energetic feeling too, but it is more of a challenge to create these images, to create images that have a natural candid feel, but it is entirely doable.   After all, […]

09 Jul 2017
A real street photograph

Street Photography

Street photography is very popular, pretty much always has been since folks like Henri Cartier-Bresson started snapping at people with 35 mm cameras.  It takes an eye, timing and some courage to photograph people you don’t know. But is it really street photography? Pavement pictures? Also when is it road photography or highway photography?  I think we have a boatload of new genre to explore.

07 Jul 2017

Photo Exhibit

Photography is about vision.  The stronger the vision, the better the photo. I often open my studio to be used as a gallery for other photographers.  We all have different visions and it is gratifying to collaborate. During July 15th & 16th 2017 I am hosting an exhibition featuring 12 photographers (myself included!).  I’ve given the show a French flavor to coincide with Frenchtown’s Bastille day celebration.  The poster is French but the photographers are American. Businesses throughout the town […]

05 Jul 2017

Coming up for Air

A refreshing swim is, well, refreshing.  A vigorous swim is invigorating.  Diving in headfirst is exciting and sometimes courageous and it is always a relief to come up for air. Being a commercial photographer is exhilarating and sometimes demanding, so it is fun to get out sometimes for a little photojournalism style photos of people enjoying themselves.

04 Jul 2017

Joy of Photography

The world population is now at about 7.5 billion and I’m guessing about 7.4 billion of us like to take pictures. It’s just a rough guess but rarely have I met anyone who doesn’t take at least a little pleasure in snapping a photo of something interesting and then seeing how it comes out. Subjects range from pets & family to surreal settings but the feeling is universal (it’s kinda fun). My hunch is that it’s neurological. Taking a photo […]

19 Apr 2017

Workshop Information 2017

BROKAW PHOTOGRAPHY SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2017 Bill Brokaw brings over 40 years of photography experience and love of teaching  to his workshops with are taught in his airy, spacious studio in Frenchtown, NJ. Course material is thorough and students are encouraged to bring their questions, issues and examples of their work for review and kind, honest, constructive criticism. “How to Start and Run a Home Photography Business” August 19 – 9:00 – 3:00 PM Photography can be a self-funded hobby as well […]