Flemington, NJ, the Hunterdon County seat, is on the verge of major change.  A big redevelopment is proposed with luxury apartments, a college and upscale stores for this sleepy country town.

This is huge and we have the opportunity to photograph all that it is now, before it becomes a completely different place as shown in the developer's renderings.

For more information see: www.courthousesquareflemington.com

Our Project
October 20-21, 2018

Date: October 20-21, 2018 - You can shoot anytime during this 48 hour period, Sunday morning is best.

Location - Main Street only, from the Rt 12 Circle to Walter Foran Blvd

Subjects - Buildings, stores, sidewalks, street scenes - anything that is publicly viewable

Submission - Unlimited submissions per photographer.  Every photo submitted will be printed (5x7) and exhibited at Brokaw Photography Studio during November.  You can submit as many photos as you like for the online gallery/digital archive.

For the specific photos of yours that you want to be part of the exhibition there will be a $3.90 fee per photo to cover printing and exhibition costs.

Prints from the exhibition will be bound as a hard copy archive and outstanding photos will be recognized and published in book form.



The live, interactive Google Map shows Flemington NJ.

Our project area is Main Street only stretching from the Rt 12 circle at the bottom of the map and extending up (north) to Walter Foran Blvd.  The northern part of Main Street is called North Main Street.

You will be required to identify the locations of your photos by address.  Example:  Bill Brokaw-100 Main St.jpg

You only need to pay when you submit photos for inclusion in the project.  You will not need to make your own prints.