The PocketKamera Project

When I was a photojournalist for various newspapers, the editors welcomed photos of people, places and things that readers would enjoy seeing.  We called these unplanned, everyday photos "wild art" and  they reflected life and culture as we lived it.   My favorite photographers are people like Bill Owens, W. Eugene Smith and Dorothea Lange, each of whom left us a rich legacy of images showing us who we were.  I enjoy seeing these kinds of photos and enjoy creating them even more.

I carry a small camera in my pocket and I'm always looking for something interesting to photograph.  This is my Instagram link where I post something daily:  instagram.com/brokawphoto/ .  My hashtag is #pocketkamera2021 (next year it will be pocketkamera2022)

I also write about my pictures on my blog Photo Stories.  Every photo tells a story.  These are mine.

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