Category : Lessons for Me

02 Jul 2018


Does anyone like filling out time sheets and the struggle to keep jobs within budget along with the pressure to minimize non billable hours? For years I work as a consultant in engineering firms and the process of filling out a time sheet could be an agonizing task.  What did I do all day?  All week? At the beginning of every new time period I’d start out with the best intentions only to see my diligence fade as the week […]

13 Dec 2017


What are you looking at? What’s got your attention? We are often told to “pay” attention (especially when we are kids).  That must mean we own our attention and can “spend” it however it most benefits us, our growth and our development and those around us.  It’s an investment.  

20 Nov 2017


“Steve” and I are part of a large photography exhibit that opened this weekend at the Allentown Art Museum.  I had photographed Steve as part of a project on artists and am always eager to show him off. The exhibition hall was packed with photographers who are all displaying great images.  It is a little daunting to see how good they all are and also encouraging to see the bar for photography rising higher and higher.  Mediocre images just don’t […]

27 Oct 2017


The world is full of color.  But sometimes we may want to look at it in black and white. Does it work? The perennial favorite for color watching is fall foliage.  It doesn’t last long.  A couple of weeks.  I wondered if I could create a black and white image of foliage with snap and interest.  It didn’t work.  Black and white leaves? (Am I nuts?)

06 Oct 2017


Road Spaghetti! Traveling to a North Jersey assignment in morning rush hour, with accidents all around certainly make one appreciate GPS. Thank you satellites and all those people who figured out where the heck I am going and how to get there.   One wrong move and I would have ended up twirled and twisted and driving the wrong way looking for a U-turn. It feels good to appreciate.

17 Jul 2017

The lesson of the white chicory

Creating macro botanical images for scientific stock is one of my specialites.  I have a background as an ecologist and enjoy being out photographing wild species  for textbooks and scientific publications. Last week I came across a rare white chicory specimen growing along the roadside.  I immediately made plans to return with my gear to document it. Chicory is a lazy flower.  Like a teenager it doesn’t get up until way past sunrise and if it’s cloudy or rainy, forget it. […]