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11 Oct 2018


What is a photosphere? A photosphere is a spherical photo.  It is like a globe that you view from the inside. Sometimes it is referred to as a 3D image, but it isn’t exactly three dimensional.  It is more accurate to describe it as a 360 degree photo.  It is 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically.  It emulates a real person looking around. Photospheres are created by digitally stitching together over lapping views taken in all directions.  There are cameras […]

28 Sep 2018
Business Portrait Headshot


What does a sound engineer look like? This is Chuma Nwokike whose business it is to hear. This portrait was taken as part of a shoot for his business Ktizo Studios (great website https://lnkd.in/eYrQm3C) It is the engineer that can make or break a recording and he or she is a integral part of the process. Just like your photos are an integral part of your marketing.

24 Sep 2018


No, it’s not the Borg ship from Star Trek warning us that resistance is futile.  It’s a cube of compacted cans, but the message resonates. Not that resisting oppression or other serious wrong is futile but internal resistance, that inner doubt that slows us down when we should be accelerating.

12 Sep 2018

Telling Your Story

Consumer confidence continues to grow, which is great for everyone.  When consumers (which is all of us) are more confident things become more positive and better. This is especially true for businesses because it means that people will be more likely to spend money on what we offer.  However, this only works if people know what we offer, if they know our stories. How do we tell our stories?  We write, we take photos and videos and sometimes we sing.  […]

07 Sep 2018


If you are in business, whether your own business or part of a larger enterprise, chances are you need a photo of yourself for many reasons.  What works best for you, a headshot or a business portrait (also called executive portrait). Headshots show what we look like.  Business portraits say who we are. Many people settle for a headshot.  It is fairly easy to do and if well done, make a great impression.  Headshots are done in a studio setting […]

28 Jul 2018


If you are like me, cell phone photos just don’t cut it.  Sure, cell phones are handy and fit in your pocket a lot better than a DSLR with a 24-70mm lens and flash unit (unless you have REALLY big pockets), but the versatility just ain’t there. I rarely posted to my Instagram account because it was kind of a chore to transfer files then do the upload thing. Then I came across a great article by Sharon Profis (www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-post-to-instagram-from-a-computer/).  […]

23 Jul 2018


Just by it’s nature, showing up on Google is good advertising. This is especially true when people are specifically looking for you and not just browsing a generic term. Just search Brokaw Photography and my business appears on the first page with tons of other links to articles, posts and other information about my business and activities. On the right side of the search page is the “Knowledge Panel” with photos, a map, reviews, etc. We have all seen this. […]

19 Jul 2018


There are all kinds of capital; financial capital, political capital, social capital, state capitals, capital letter, etc. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work,  frequently uses the term “attention capital,” which is easy to grasp.  You own your attention and spend it as you see fit.  People sometimes forcefully demand that we pay attention!  That’s fine as long as I am gaining value some kind of value for what I am buying with my attention. Often we are simply conned out […]

07 Jul 2018


Being found on-line by potential clients and customers is the ultimate goal of digital marketing. People who look for and find you are the people who want what you offer.  Once you are found, it is your content that will prompt and action.   Looking for clients and customers is the opposite of being found.  Advertising and chasing leads means you are one trying to find them.  That’s a lot harder and less effective.

06 Jul 2018


There is equivalency between attention and energy and between energy and growth. When energy is fed into a system, the system gains energy unless it discharges it. It grows. When we give our attention energy to something, it grows. When attention is given to us, we grow, hopefully in positive ways. Most businesses want to grow. The attention we attract is the energy we attract so it is reasonable to be thoughtful about it to grow in positive ways.