"Had a wonderful time today attending back to back photography lessons with Bill Brokaw. I finally got a clear explanation of what all these toggles and dials do on my camera, then spent time discussing how to compose an interesting shot. The discussion was fun and lively; can’t wait to put what I learned into practice!" Jennifer Moylan

"I took a beginner Lightroom class with Bill. He was very informative, helpful and patient. I highly recommend taking a workshop or class with him." Sharon LaRossa

SEPTEMBER 15th - DIGITAL BASICS (10 Students Maximum)
Learn about your camera and the simple techniques for getting the most out of it.

Session 1 - 9:30-12:00   The first session covers is primarily about the camera. We look at the features and controls and how they work.  It's a machine and this is an "operator's" workshop.

Session 2 - 1:30-4:00 In session two we go more into how to get good shots with your camera, like how to use those controls more creatively.  We'll experiment.  We will also spend some time talking about composition and how to see with a camera.

Be sure to bring your camera so we can play with it.

SEPTEMBER 22nd - LEARNING LIGHTROOM (10 Students Maximum)

Processing your own photos adds a whole new level of enjoyment. Lightroom allows us to quickly and easily polish our photos and make them look much better than the way they come out of the camera.

Session 1 - 9:30-12:00 - Getting Started
Session One gets us into Lightroom and gets us started on importing and enhancing our photos.  Lightroom is designed to help us manage our file and improve how they look.  We will walk through the whole process from getting our photos into Lightroom to doing quick and easy edits that make your shots look just smashing.

Session 2 - 1:30-4:00 - Developing Your Photos
Lightroom's photo developing tools enable us to fine tune and customize our work.   These tools are easy to use once you know your way around and a lot of fun.  In the afternoon session we go through the photo enhancement tools that enable you to fine tune and further improve your photos.  It can be pretty addicting once you get started.

Bring your laptop and some photos to work on.

SEPTEMBER 29th -  ADVANCED LIGHTROOM (10 Students Maximum)

The more you know the more you realize how amazing Lightroom really is.  If you are serious about your photography its advanced tools are worth learning

Session 1 - 9:30-12:00 - File Management: Importing/Exporting,  Advanced Developing Techniques

It is easy to become overwhelmed with digital files and lose track of them.  Photos we take today may become lost deep in a hard drive never to be seen again.  During session one we will examine the tools that allow us to keep better track of our photos and make them recoverable in the future.  We will also dive deeper into the developing tools available to assess and improve our images.

Session 2 - 1:30-4:00 -  Presets, Slideshows, Web Galleries and Printing

Lightroom's capabities extend beyond organizing and improving the look of our photos.  It offers a full suite of tools for quickly customizing images and generating useful outputs from slide shows to web galleries and print packages.  Its tools give photographers the ability to produce products beyond just a digital file.  Session 2 examines these capabilities that offer you more than just the basics.

Bring your laptop and some photos to work on.


Getting out and practicing with our cameras is the best way to learn and this area of the country is spectacular in October. Perfect for pictures. Two local excursions are planned, Ringing Rocks and Ken Lockwood Gorge, to of the most beautiful areas in our region.

We meet in the studio in the morning for a brief overview of the areas we'll visit along with tips for photographing them. After our shoot we'll have some lunch and regroup back at the studio to review and share what we got. It's great fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Saturday October  13 - RINGING ROCKS, Upper Black Eddy, PA

9:00 -3:00

Ringing Rocks is a unique and fascinating site located just across the Delaware in Upper Black Eddy, Pa.  famous for it's huge field of boulders that ring when struck it also features nature trails a water fall and endless opportunities for photos.  We will meet at the  studio at 9:00 AM for an overview and tips on how to get great photos.  Following our shoot we'll reconvene in the studio to share and assess our images then follow-up by building an on-line gallery of our works.

Photos of Ringing Rocks, Upper Black Eddy PA

Saturday October  27 - KEN LOCKWOOD GORGE, High Bridge, NJ

9:00 -3:00

Ken Lockwood Gorge, locate between High Bridge and Califon, NJ has been described as “one of New Jersey's most beautiful places.” by the NJ Conservation Foundation.  Nestled in a valley between tree covered hills the Gorge is both serene and exciting for photographers.  "The 2½-mile (4 km) stretch of the Raritan River's South Branch comprises the central feature of this 260-acre (110 ha) Wildlife Management Area. Steep, hilly woodlands host a plethora of flora and fauna including both game and non-game varieties, including a diverse population of birds and mammals." (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Lockwood_Gorge )

By late October the foliage is sure to please.  For this excursion we will congragate in the parking lot at the North Branch Hunterdon County Library located in Clinton and make our way to the Gorge via High Bridge.  After the photography we will reconvene back at the studio to  sharing our photos and begin compiling our gallery.

Photos of Ken Lockwood Gorge


Workshop Sessions are $69 each (half day) or $125 for both workshop sessions on the same day (full day).  Excursions are $95.  Pay on-line with PayPal or credit card. Checks are also accepted by mail in advance.



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Cancelation Policy:

Because space is limited and workshops sell out, cancelations must be made ten days prior to the workshops or excursion in order to receive a refund.



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