The PocketKamera Project 2020

My pocket camera.

Pocket Kamera 2020 Project show is a collection of some of my images taken in 2020.  It runs from January 1st - Jan 31st 2021 at the South Harrison Street Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ.  It's outside. Open 24/7.

I carry a small camera with me so I can photograph something or somebody every day. I haven't missed a day in a couple of years.  Most of the time I can find pictures.  Sometimes they find me.

Photos are stories that we write with our cameras.  If you have a few hours I can give you the stories behind all the PocketKamera photos.  Then we can look at my vacation slides.  

I recently wrote an eBook about how I compose photos, especially grab photos.  It's a quick read and has plenty of tips to help people enjoy their photography.  You should get a copy! Follow this link: Secrets of Composition.

Photo by the legendary Paul Manoogian. (www.manoogianphotography.com).


I was born on Earth and have lived here my whole life (except college).  It's a nice place.  I especially like the trees.

I first started taking pictures when I got a camera.  I don't figure I'll ever stop.  I am a commercial and portrait photographer.  I love photographing people.  

I am also the Director of the Photographers Group which is an informal group of  people who love taking pictures.  We do projects together.  Everyone is welcome to be part of the group and to participate.  Join us!  Be part of our projects.  Our Facebook page is The Photographers Group Forum. 



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